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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Two more former Boise State players have Super Bowl rings

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

Pretty uneventful weekend, huh? Not much happened here anyway, amiright?!

Denver Broncos win Super Bowl

Good for them I suppose. Full disclosure: I was rooting for not the Broncos. I am a Raiders fan, so watching them lose would have been a nice consolation prize for Raiders not really doing much in the season. Ah well. Good for Peyton Manning for nabbing his second ring (though he played like hot garbage) and especially glad that Matt Paradis and Ryan Clady now have rings. Bummer that Clady was not able to actually play though. Anyway, watch this KTVB special on Paradis.

Great to see an Idaho product go from small school to Super Bowl Champion. A story that just BEGS to be publicized for all eternity. And a shining example of what a person can accomplish even when the odds are not in his or her favor. Certainly will not hurt Boise State recruiting.

Best Super Bowl Ads of 2016

Some people just watch the game for the clever ads. Were there any you particularly enjoyed? I felt most were pretty solid. Though it is a lot of money for a segment to flop, so if you are going to spend the money, probably should want to make it stick.

Or how about the halftime show?

It was all right. Nothing really stuck out. Bruno Mars was good, even though he just had the one song. And the Queen B always performs well. Coldplay? Well people panned them since ever since it was made public they would be the performers. I have heard they put on a pretty good live show though.

Sorry folks. Not much over the weekend aside from the Super Bowl. Hope you have a productive week!