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Basketball GameThread: Boise State vs Air Force

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

You'd think a basketball team with "air" in their name would be a little better at basketball things, but the Falcons have lost 8 of 9 and aren't in a great spot right now at 11-12 and sitting in 11th in the MWC standings. Still, it seems any team in the MWC can virtually beat any other team on a given day, so the Broncos can't afford to sleepwalk in this one like they have in a few contests this season. The Broncos (16-7) are currently sitting in 3rd place in the conference and seem to have a path in place to finish strong if they can avoid letdowns. Is another 20 win season in the cards for the Broncos? We may get one game closer this afternoon.

As usual, the game will be broadcast live locally on 670 KBOI and in streaming format HERE. If you happen to have ROOT sports, you can actually watch the game rather than just imagine what a James Webb dunk looks like (it looks good). Not much more to say now, but GO BRONCOS (well, I typed that...but you get the point).