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Wake Up Bronco Nation: 2016 Pac-12 games; Bronco sports weekend

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Hi folks! Wednesday was a pretty whirlwind day for a guy who was pretty geeked up over seeing the actual war room where the Broncos plan their recruiting visits, targets, etc. So much that I had to ask Drew to fill in for WUBN. But I am back and on to the links!!

University of Cincinnati hush-hush on Big 12 communication

Could be a big deal. Could be nothing. Maybe they are hiding rejection? Doubtful. It is awfully suspicious that they are not releasing any information regarding the correspondence. But if (when?) the Big 12 does expand, can not overlook the value that Cincinnati will (probably) bring to the Big 12.

Busy weekend for the Broncos

Gymnasts facing off in Southern Utah. #9 Broncos look to take down the #24 Southern Utah Thunderbirds. Should be a good one.

Track and Field athletes out in force. Chassity Love looks to do some more fast human things. And so does Fernando Martinez.

Swimmers gonna swim. I don't mind swimming. I tried laps once. I made one full length and almost passed out. It was horrible. More power to these athletes.

Men's basketball clash with the Air Force Falcons this Saturday. It's the only time the Broncos face the Falcons this year due to the unbalanced schedule. It's on Root Sports, game starts at noon. Broncos need to walk away with a win.

Women's basketball against the Falcons as well on Satuday. If you can, head to the Taco Bell Arena at 2 p.m. Should be a fun game.

Men's tennis square off against Santa Clara (again, on Saturday). They face off at the Boise Racquet and Swim Club at noon. If you're a tennis aficionado, you should make it out!

Most compelling Pac-12 games of 2016

Pretty self explanatory. Mike Leach has the Cougars hitting their stride with a solid 2015 season. Here's to the Broncos being able to get it done.

Darian Thompson earns high grade after Senior Bowl

Kind of a late one, but good to see high praise being doled out to former Broncos. Just another source to show how good Thompson was in college and how good he is going to be going forward.

Bronco soccer was also busy on Wednesday

Signing eight to become Broncos. We all get caught up in the football (it is king) but US Women's soccer in general is REALLY good. So we never know. We could possibly see the next Alex Morgan or the next Abby Wambach at Boise State.


Camera trap near Boise reveals great photos of local wildlife.

You ever see that Super Mario 3 video where the guy beats the game in 11 minutes? It's pretty cool.

Here is one where the guy beats the original Super Mario. Blindfolded.