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Wake Up Bronco Nation 2/3/2016: It's National Signing Day!!

Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

It's National Signing Day folks! We'll have a mega thread running throughout the day as signings become official. So hang around as we update. For now, here are some links!

Athlon ranks all FBS quarterbacks

I had missed this the other day. Pretty much what it looks like. Rypien is #25. Mangum is #27. Not sure why Rypien is so low, but whatever. Still highest in the Mountain West Conference. Matt Lineahan (Idaho) clocks in at 85. Josh Allen of Wyoming is 125, the lowest MWC. Fresno State has been an absolute dumpster fire the last two seasons. And heading into the next one is no exception as they are without Zack Greenlee, who opted to transfer. Rough go of it for the Bulldogs.

Allie Ostrander and David Elliott earn MWC honors

Because of course they should. Official Mountain West release here. Ostrander has been nigh unbeatable against her peers and Elliott did some pretty awesome stuff in his own right. Her 15:21.85 timed finish in the 5,000 meters is the fastest for a true freshman in collegiate history. She continues to be amazing. The only thing that can beat Allie Ostrander is Allie Ostrander.

Leah Fair, Jr of Colorado State, your iron grip on the women's track honors is coming to an end!

The men's basketball team won a REALLY close one

Rice made mention that the team likes to give the fans their money's worth. How about the team stops doing that? My heart can barely handle a rough football season, it does not need super crazy basketball finishes to boot. The game ends a two game slide for the Broncos and, hopefully, starts a trend and momentum heading into the second half of the conference slate. It is appreciated that Utah State did not hit a buzzer beater to beat the Broncos this time. Really appreciated.

Also, this James Webb dunk.

The women's basketball team plays tonight

If you are interested in mixing things up tonight from all the signing day coverage, make sure and check in on the women as they head down to Logan, Utah to take on the Aggies. Should be a good game as the Broncos (14-6, 7-2) look to extend their winning streak to seven against the Aggies (10-10, 5-4). The last time these times met it took an overtime effort from the Broncos to down the Aggies 84-78. So the Aggies will be looking for revenge. The game starts at 7 p.m. Mountain.

Do bye weeks actually help?

In short: yes. in long? Click the article. Some good statistical information here regarding whether or not a bye week helps, hurts, or is negligible for a team. The sample size is, unfortunately, small, but as Bill Connelly continues to add information to his work, we should start to see more concrete evidence.


I, too, have been using this machine incorrectly. No wonder I am not swole.