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Boise State Recruiting: The 2017 class

A new season of recruiting is upon us! Let there be joy and much frivolity across the Blue Turf™!

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Many much apologies for the delayed posting this week. I've been a tad under the weather, so it's hobbled me a bit. But fear not! Your weekly dose of Boise State recruiting is nigh! Last week, we took a look at the protectors of the QB: the O-line. We have quite a few options there, and we will need every one that we can get. Much like the D-line this year, next year we will lose 7 O-lineman. That will be not much fun.

But lets not dwell on that. Let's dwell on the glut of talent we have at running back. Devan Demas, Jeremy McNichols, Ryan Wolpin, Cory Young, and now Robert Mahone and Alexander Mattison. We will lose Devan Demas after this season, and while he hasn't seen the field a ton, he's still a talented player. We could potentially take another 2 RB in this class, but will take a minimum of one. While the crop right now is fairly thin, it is still REALLY early. Regardless, let's take a look at who's on the table now and we can revisit later


RB Chance Bell, Burbank, California (John Burroughs) 5'10" 165lbs

Bell does not yet have an offer from Boise State, but he could very easily get one. Watching his tape, I see a mix of Jeremy Avery, SWR and McNichols. He is incredible in space. If you don't get him early, he will break your ankles. I can't find a listed 40 time, but he looks fast enough. But what seems to be his forte is making players miss in the open field. He is extremely agile, and while he might not push a pile, he could make the entire pile miss. He will be a name to watch this season.

RB Josh Foley, Rio Rancho, New Mexico (Rio Rancho) 5'10" 180lbs

Josh is a nice all-around back. He has a solid listed 40 time of 4.41. He has a long stride so he might not necessarily look it, but a had a few runs in his tape below where he easily outran the defender. He isn't necessarily a bulldozer, but he isn't going to go down on first contact. What I also like is he isn't from a standard recruiting ground. It has been a while since we dove into New Mexico, if ever, and I kind of like that.

RB Connor Wedington, Sumner, Washington (Sumner) 5'11" 185lbs

Connor is currently committed to UW, but that doesn't mean it has to stay that way. He IS from Washington, so it's highly likely, but you never know. Much like Foley, he is a well rounded back that can make players miss in the open field, but won't necessarily go down with first contact. He is a tad slower than Foley at 4.53, but that doesn't mean a ton.

RB Eno Benjamin, Wylie, Texas (East) 5'9" 193lbs

Eno might be my favorite on this early list. He isn't the fastest on this list, but he has great vision and plays at a high level (Texas football is kind of a big deal). We will have to deal with the majority of the NCAA by year's end for his services, but I think the Broncos were in on Benjamin early, so that could play a role. Let's hope so!

RB Daniel Young, Houston, TX (Westfield) 5'11" 200lbs

Young reminds me of Dougie. He doesn't necessarily seek out contact, but he welcomes it. He runs hard, and while he isn't as agile as some of the other backs, he can definitely take the hits. I'm not sure what kind of balance the coaches want to hit between finesse and bruising runners, but I wouldn't turn down a guy that will straight up destroy linebackers.

RB Cole Kinder, Newport Beach, CA (Newport Harbor) 6'2" 200lbs

Kinder is an intriguing player. He seems like a combo of a WR, TE and a RB. At 6'2, he definitely has more of the height of a WR, not quite the size of a TE, but more of the speed of a RB. At 4.43, he is fast, but he isn't really going to juke a player in the open field. He'll rely on his speed to get him through the play. He could easily gain some weight based on the size of his frame, but I don't know how much he could gain and not lose speed. I'd say maybe 10 lbs tops. Not quite big enough to be a TE, but seemed to be more comfortable lining up behind center. It will be interesting to watch his senior season play out.

That's what we have for running backs right now. Check back next week when we take a look at the TEs for the 2017 class. Go Broncos!