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Boise State Game Balls for week of February 21

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

After a week filled with some great championships, upsets, and streaks snapped, there are some accomplishments to recognize. So here they are!

Game Ball One:

Samantha Martin (golf)

Samantha martin

Golfing competitively has to be a pretty awesome sport to be good at. Taking strolls on manicured grass to hit a ball inside a tiny hole yards away? Fun! Ms. Samantha Martin was able to complete a second finish in the top twenty of a tournament. After end with a tournament total 223 she was able to finish a Bronco-best tied for 15th over the two days. Strong finish for the senior!

Game Ball Two:

James Webb, III (basketball)

james webb

Mr. Double-double was at it again, 17 points and 12 rebounds to add to his coffers of statistics. He was able to get all those before he gave a mild heart-attack to all of Bronco Nation. On a routine play, he appeared to slip and fell on his leg. Luckily (mostly for his future) it was only an MCL sprain and a bruised knee. While he was able to warm up at San Diego State, he couldn't play. But he was still able be there for his team, which is great. Hopefully he'll be able to get another Game Ball next week.

Game Ball Three:

Chandler Hutchison (basketball)


In a game that required a full-team effort since Webb was out, Mr. Hutchison stood up. Until he had fouled out, he was able to be the game's leading scorer (SDSU's Kell ended up with 17). The Broncos needed this game in this worst way for confidence in their abilities (sans Webb) and coaching. Mr. Hutchison did end up fouling out, but not before leaving his mark on the game.

Game Ball Four:

Nick Duncan (basketball)

nick duncan

Seeing "fired up" Nick Duncan is pretty awesome. It's even better when Mr. Duncan makes six points in the last minute of a crucial game to beat San Diego State. Mr. Duncan has been a bit up and down this year (started this game because Webb was injured) but he has been known to step up when it matters. The San Diego State game was one of those times. (Normally I would embed some sweet videos here, but I cannot right now. But, trust me, it was quite the sight to behold when he hit his stride!)

Game Ball Five:

Marta Hermida (basketball)


The Broncos hit a bit of a rough patch through the first part of February with a four game losing streak. But not from the efforts of Ms. Hermida. In the UNLV loss she had 17 points, 4 rebounds, and 3 steals to lead the Broncos. Broncos were then able to end their four game skid against, wouldn't you know it, San Diego State (who was on a five game winning streak). Hermida had a bit of a "quieter" game in 11 points, 6 rebounds, and 4 assists to boot. Hermida has positioned herself as a Bronco leader and an important figure for the team's success.

Game Ball Six:

Yaiza Rodriguez (basketball)


Ms. Rodriguez contributed a 12 point, 2 rebounds, and 9 assist game in the loss against UNLV. Sometimes even good performances aren't necessarily enough. But against San Diego State Ms. Rodriguez was able to burst for 20 points that included 5-9 shooting from beyond the arc (leading the Broncos). The hot shooting was able to contribute to the win to bring down San Diego State game at home.

Game Ball Seven:

Alexis Fuller, Chassity Love, Sadi Henderson, and Allie Ostrander (track)

dmr winners

Doing this one a bit differently because they all deserve a Game Ball for their win in the Distance Medley Relay in the Mountain West Indoor track championships. Especially considering the way this one played out. Didn't get a chance to see it? Here you go.

A great run by the Broncos to set a great record! Congratulations ladies!

Game Ball Eight:

David Elliott (track)

david elliott

Mr. Elliott was able to continue his run-streak in the mile from his record-breaking effort in Seattle to Albuquerque. He brought home another title to the Broncos with a race-winning 4:09.94. He will now go to nationals in the mile to try and bring home an NCAA title. Should be fun to watch!

Your Turn

Again, a lot of great performances happened last week. See any that caught your attention?