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Boise State vs San Diego State Gamethread

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Sorry for the lateness of this thread going up.

With the final stretch of games for the Broncos, the hope is they will be able to compensate without Webb in the lineup as he recovers from his knee injury. While Webb will not play today, at least he does not require surgery and will most likely be back for the tournament. Since there is no hope for an at-large berth, the Broncos will have to win the Mountain West tournament to make it to the NCAAs. As the final games wind down, it is very crucial for the Broncos to make their showing.

The Aztecs are going to provide a very tough matchup, especially at home, for the Broncos even if they had Webb. Though winning today would be nice, as long as they stay, at minimum, in fifth place and avoid playing the first day of the Mountain West tournament, the Broncos will have a chance. Hopefully it will be a good game for Boise State, if anything for their confidence.

Good luck, Broncos!