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Op-Ed: Anthony Drmic needs to become Teen Wolf

The ultimate unselfish play.

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

With Boise State needing to finish the basketball season strong to help ensure a deep MWC tourney run, I'm sure many could think of a better time for star James Webb III to sprain his MCL. Webb's athleticism and determination have been key to the Broncos winning on the court and since he's listed as "day-to-day" going in to tomorrow's tilt with regular season champ SDSU, someone will need to step up. Anthony Drmic has been playing great as of late, and is well within striking distance of the all-time scoring mark, but Drmic needs to take his game to the next level to compensate for the likely absence of Webb. I think it goes without saying that Drmic finally needs to assume his werewolf form.

You probably first heard about the basketball-playing-werewolf gene in the 1985 documentary Teen Wolf. In the film, we're introduced to Scott Howard—a diminutive point guard who rallies his rag-tag team to victory after assuming his true lycanthropic form (and donning a headband). Only when Scott disregarded the stigma that comes from being a werewolf was he able to dunk, block shots, do Harlem Globetrotter-esque dribbling exhibitions and shotgun beers with his fangs. Frankly, I think it's high time that Drmic fully embraced his "Teen Wolf", if you will, and became the hirsute baller that we all know he can be. I'm positive that if he does, he'll be executing dunks that are so acrobatic, you'll swear he was using a mini-trampoline—not to mention surfing on the top of a moving van (ideally driven by Nick Duncan).

If you think about it, the answer here is clear. Anthony Drmic being a werewolf will not only propel the team to the NCAA tourney, but it will put butts in the seats, as the file footage below illustrates:

Forget for a moment the absurd aspects of the above video (that the ref swallowed his whistle during the scrum instead of calling a jump ball), and focus on the fact that the players and fans initial fear and disgust was quickly dissipated by sweet dunks—for this reason, I think Drmic becoming Teen Wolf is a fairly low-stakes proposition. Sure, play might be stopped for a few minutes tomorrow night as Drmic emerges from a heap of bodies as a werewolf, and yeah...he'll probably take a few moments to playfully spin the ball on his finger while the silent crowd at Viejas Arena looks on in awe. But after the initial shock, Leon Rice will stand and announce "let's play a little ball here" and Drmic Wolf will comically take over the contest while the ladies swoon. It's a no-brainer.

Remember, in the film, Scott did not play in the championship as a werewolf because he felt his aggression had become a liability, but for Drmic to not play the rest of the season as a headband-wearing werewolf is a far bigger liability if you ask me. I've checked the rulebook, and there is nothing stating that werewolves are ineligible (even Australian ones). I trust you'll make the right decision, Anthony.

Teen Wolf