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Boise State runs well. Seriously.

The Mountain West Conference Indoor championships start well for both the men and the women.

Mountain West Conference @MW_OlySports

Yesterday the Boise State runners kicked off their respective competitions in great fashion.

The men placed second in the DMR with a time of 9:48.34 against Utah State's time of 9:47.99. But the Bronco's time is still the fastest for the Boise State record books. Always good to set the tone with a record-breaking performance.

And the women's distance medley relay? I'll let them do the talking. It is roughly twelve minutes, but you need to watch the whole thing.

Alexis Fuller in the 1200 keeps a pretty steady pace. Careful not to turn on the jets until the latter part of her race. She is still able to take the lead at the baton passing.

Chassity Love, the speedster, starts off with a boom. Seeing her take off from the line is pretty impressive as she creates that separation between her and the Colorado State sprinter. But, the runner from Colorado State is no slouch and Love seems to lose some gas after the straight away coming into the second turn. Colorado State does take that lead going into the third leg, but it is pretty small.

On the third leg Sadi Henderson recaptures the lead that Colorado State had at the baton passing. The runner from Colorado State makes some strides to overtake her, but to no avail. Henderson is able to keep the inside track and stay ahead at the passing

And from there?

It's done. Over. Might as well go home, other schools, as there is NO way you're going to be able to overtake THE Allie Ostrander on that final 1600 leg.

The announcer was correct when he said that the fireworks were going to start once the 1600 portion started. When Ostrander got the baton, it was basically lights out. She makes running look so easy and effortless. How easy and effortless?

She lapped another runner. She runs at such a fast, steady, pace that she was able to get ahead of a person that probably wasn't TOO far behind. And Ostrander passed that poor woman with ease. She crossed the finish line in 11:28.45 which sets a new Mountain West Conference record.

What is interesting about running, and the conditions therein, are the certain conversions that take place. Apparently since Albuquerque is over 5,000 feet in elevation they automatically adjust the times for nationals. Which puts them at 11:06.18 for nationals. Which is great! They actually have a faster time than they otherwise normally would. Unfortunately the time is still "only" good for thirteenth. Just OUTSIDE national competition. Disappointing, but still a great time and a great effort by the Broncos.

And to the victor goes the spoils!

Congratulations Broncos!!