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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Coaches subtweeting; MWC officiating strikes again; NFL Wonderlic; MWC indoor track championships

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I remember in school when Thursdays was "Throw up" day. Anyone else have that? No? Oh, ok. Sorry. Anyway, now for some links!

Coaches can no longer 'subtweet' recruits

Don't know what a subtweet is? Find out here for a crash course.

As for coaches, this is mostly just another way of cracking down on their way of singling out a player he wants to go see. Course how this is going to be enforceable is interesting. Since a lot of these are going to be up to "self-reporting" am curious if there is going to be input from outside sources about whether or not a tweet was a full-fledged subtweet. Or will the coach have to just own up to it? Very subjective.

The MWC helps goof another hoops game

And it could have cost New Mexico the win at Air Force. For those counting at home, that is twice this year that New Mexico got hosed by the MWC. The first being this one that caused a New Mexico turnover and gave San Diego State the ball. The officiating in the Mountain West has been SUPER good this year. As evidenced by all the great calls that have been affecting the outcomes of games. I, for one, can NOT wait for the MWC tournament as I assume the best-of-the-best in officiating will be showcasing their stuff!

Want to learn a little more about the NFL Combine's Wonderlic?

Pretty good breakdown of what the test looks like, what NFL teams are probably looking for and, perhaps, a preview of a better replacement assessment. Kellen Moore got a 26. That same year Andrew Luck got a 37. RG3 got a 24. They should probably be doing something more comprehensive for the test to get these things right. Though it is obviously not the end all, be all.

The Mountain West Indoor track championships start today

Of note: the Boise State women's team comes in ranked 19th while New Mexico is ranked 23rd. Look for David Elliott to follow up his sub-four minute mile with another strong performance. Allie Ostrander looks to dominate the field as always. Not sure if she is going to run both the 3,000 meters and the 5,000 (that would be quite the feat) but regardless she is probably going to represent Boise State at nationals.

Check here for the live results. Here for notes about the meet itself. And you will be able to check in with for a live feed for Friday and Saturday.

Good luck to all Boise State competitors!

Idaho high school fight is pretty Idaho in nature

This thing escalated kind of quickly, but also kind of "meh."

I am in no way saying it's "ok" that some bone-headed emotional under 18 year olds made this into more than it was but, really, it was not that big of a fight. The mascots slightly, slightly pushed each other. Then when the other guys came in to "fight" out their differences, even that was pretty tame. Sports are great. But when it devolves into fisticuffs, it takes away from what is going on out on the playing field.


Matt Zemek's article in a nutshell (as far as I am concerned):

Boise State has underperformed in hoops, just as it did in football.

Oh well. At least we have Allie Ostrander.

Want to see a really bad flop?

Presented without comment.

Or just watch this dude in a bacon outfit pump his arms up and down.


Feel like wasting a whole roll of toilet paper? Give it a shot.