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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: NFL Combine; More college football bowl games?; A list of best college coaches

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Another Tuesday has come and gone. Now on to Wednesday and the joys it brings. Let us look at some links!

Ridiculous NFL Combine questions

It is an interesting dichotomy for the interviewee at these things. Most of these questions would probably be illegal in a a traditional HR setting. Imagine interviewing for a job and the interviewer asked if your mother was a prostitute. Not exactly a ringing endorsement about the system. Learning all you can about a potential employee can be useful when making a decision about an organizations direction going forward, but some of these situations are ridiculous (like following a draftee on a flight). Psychology is a funny thing. Too bad these guys think asking oddball questions get them the answers they want.

More college football bowl games on the horizon?


Much like the article notes: three 5-7 teams got to go bowling (all won their games by the way), two Mountain West teams had to play each other (which is crap), and schools losing money anyway on these endeavors (for the most part). Most of these games are done for the exposure that they bring. Well, unless you are Colorado State and Nevada from last year (in order to get that joke click here).

People are going to watch the games because football is king. And will probably draw better than whatever is running against it. ESPN likes its live content for football and will probably get more of it.

The 15 best active coaches in college football

The particular article in question does its best Bleacher Report impression: making the thing a slideshow. Heavy on the clicking to the next point. The list is pretty basic, and I have done the heavy clicking for you, and the only one you are (probably) going to care about is number 14. The current University of Washington head coach. After that the list is pretty SOP. Brian Kelly of Notre Dame, Art Briles of Baylor, David Shaw of Stanford, etc (none of those are in order, those are just the names that I could remember).

You should give a click because it is the right thing to do, but unless you REALLY care where Gary Patterson is on the list (yup, he is on the list), you could probably do your own best college football coaching list and be pretty darn close.

ESPN reviews the biggest question facing their top 25

And they seem to have hit Boise State's pretty clearly. The defensive line. What what with losing the likes of Nance, Horn, and Correa (has Boise State retired number 8 yet??) there are some legit questions as to who is going to step up next year.

Also not a wonder that Boise State went pretty heavy on defensive line this year in recruiting with Weaver and Watson. Boles, Hoyte, and Perez (he's the only STUD on the roster) coming back should provide some good experience.

Boise State holds on to beat UNLV 81-69

In a game that was much needed for the Boise State confidence, they were able to minimize the eventual second half let down and stay ahead against the Rebels. Drmic came off the bench again to get 21 points and 6 rebounds. Webb took in another double-double with 17 points and 12 rebounds. And he also got injured. Hopefully the extent is not too bad as he was able to walk off the court with some help from the trainers. He was seen back on the bench with ice on his knee.

Still had me like:

weep and die

Broncos women's basketball heads to UNLV tonight

They are in a three game slump that would certainly be nice to be broken tonight. The Broncos are currently third place in the Mountain West behind Colorado State (24-1; 14-0) and Fresno State (16-9; 12-2). The Broncos need to stay ahead of San Jose State who is 9-6 in conference. The game is hoping to be a good one for the Broncos.

Beginning of the robot uprising?


Neat article about the balance of robots and just how difficult it can be to stand up. Take a peak at where the future of robotics is going.


Feel like popping bubble wrap, but don't have any? Pop some virtual wrap.