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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Pokémon; Boise State basketball; Football schedule releasing soon

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Slow news day yesterday as Monday crept on us again. On to another Tuesday!

All 129 major college football teams as Pokemon

The good folks at the SB Nation flagship decided to reimagine all the major teams as the famous Nintendo game. So how did Boise State fair?

bsu victreebell
Click on the link to find out what it all means. I think everyone's favorite will be BYU. So click on it already!!

Boise State men's basketball host UNLV today

The game starts at 9 p.m. and is aired on ESPNU. A late game, sure, but basketball games are relatively quick affairs when compared to the likes of football, so hopefully a raucous crowd will be able to make things rough for the Rebels.

And guess who is reffing?

David Hall and Verne Harris.

Sound familiar? They should. They were the refs that called off Webb's buzzer-beater as being 1.2 to 1.3 seconds.

I guess the MWC definition of the "best" is going to be kind of loose. I can only assume the crowd will let their... known.

The Mountain West looks to release full football schedule soon

Looks as though it should be any day between now and March 1st.

Which is going to be good. We can then parse out the fun football schedule and circle the calendar for the New Mexico and Air Force games. For absolutely no reason at all.

With the NFL Combine coming up, lets watch Tyrone Crawford do some work

As we creep ever closer to the NFL combine, and the opportunity for Broncos Darian Thompson, Kamalei Correa, and Rees Odhiambo to show what they are made of, let us look at Crawford's performance!

Correa on the Jets watch list

He should be on everyone's watch list to be honest. The buzz is becoming palpable as the NFL Combine approaches. This could be where Correa solidifies his chance at a first round selection.

Lamar Miller: I want the recognition I deserve

Should be an interesting running back competition for the Miami Dolphins when the NFL season kicks off. With Jay Ajayi finally, fully, healthy it will be curious to see if Ajayi will be able to steal away some of those carries Miller wants. Or if Miller gets the lion's share that he expects. It is unfortunate that the premium on running backs is a very narrow window as they seem to "lose" their edge as they get "older" in the league. Ajayi should be able to make himself a decent part of the Miami rushing attack, but the question is how much.

Steph Curry just hits shots because of course he can

This is almost not fair.

University of Idaho President Chuck Staben with a statement regarding the Sun Belt Conference PowerPoint

Does not bode well for the University of Idaho football team's continued inclusion in the SBC. This statement was addressing some of the criticisms that arose from the PowerPoint that the University presented to the SBC presidents. The assumption is that the slides that were presented to the SBC were only supporting bits of info. Be that as it may, Idaho had their chance to plead their case, but it may not have been enough.


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