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Mel Kiper likes Kamalei Correa, hair gel

Chris McGrath/Getty Images

The owner of everyone's favorite big board and Eddie Muster cosplay hairdo, Mel Kiper, chatted with some local media types this morning about the Broncos' draft hopefuls and thinks several could hear their name called on draft weekend—and keep in mind, these assessments are prior to this weekend's scouting combine. Like most others, Kiper is high on Boise State safety Darian Thompson and thinks his play-making ability and biggish frame could propel him into the second round:

" this league, to be able to find the ball skills and be able to go out there and just impact the game and force turnovers, that's Darian Thompson's game"

When focus turned to early draft entrant Kamalei Correa, Kiper seemed to think that Correa made the correct choice foregoing his senior campaign (and apparently vehemently disagrees with my assessment that Correa should stay for 8 more years). Ahem...

"Kamalei Correa is a player. When you watch him, he can put his hand down, he can play in space, he can be an inside linebacker down the road. When he pins his ears back, he is a tough guy to deal with coming off the edge. He's a good football player. I think very underrated."

Considering that Kiper is projecting Correa to be a first round pick currently makes you wonder how underrated.

Thankfully, Kiper's Bronco love-in didn't end there and he added that both Donte Deayon and Rees Odhiambo fall within his "draftable' projections—Deayon in the 3rd or 4th round despite being a "little corner", and Odhiambo in the "fifth or sixth" round as a guard.

This weekend's scouting combine can improve the draft stock of the all 3 Boise State attendees (Correa, Thompson, Odhiambo) and pro day in Boise at the end of March will also allow scouts to get eyes on our best and brightest (keep an eye out for walk-on punter "Lou Roberts", who despite being in his mid-thirties expects to impress).