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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Gymnastics win; New Mexico State is good at PowerPoint

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Seems like Mondays seem to be a common occurrence. I am not sure about you but they seem to come pretty regularly this time of the week. Concerning.

On to the links!!

New Mexico State has made their pitch to the SBC

And, apparently, was better than Idaho's. Go figure. Seriously, you should take a gander. Instead of throwing other institutions under the bus (and playing off NOT being the worst team) New Mexico State emphasized the positives. Facility upgrades, monetary investment, etc. You should also partake of the Underdog Dynasty's poll. You know, for funsies.

Bronco gymnasts take down Ohio State

And it is a pretty big deal. Anytime Boise State can bring in some B1G opponents in, and come away with a win, is a GREAT time. And the Broncos beat them pretty handily, 196.300 to 194.675. Pretty decent beatdown. Watch the recap.

Troy Merrit finishes tied for 11th at Northern Trust Open

Not sure how the whole "money thing" works for the PGA. But finishing higher is in the rankings can only mean good things.

Hopefully he can keep the upward trend and represent for the Broncos!

University of Utah undergoing audit because they don't want to play BYU

Which is pretty lame. Pretty sure the Utah State legislature have more important things to worry about than whether or not a couple of basketball games are being played. There are a lot of issues at hand, and a lot of things we do not know, but seems to be more than just a couple of games being played. Hopefully this can be resolved without too much taxpayer money being thrown away.

USA soccer draws Colombia, Costa Rica, Paraguay for COPA America

Which... kind of sucks. Seems as though when the US has gets a draw for an international competition they get a really difficult draw. Group of Death as it were. Happened in the 2014 World Cup. Happens to the women too.


Try and find the Invisible Cow. You will need to turn on your speakers as you need to be able to hear the cow...cowing. Safe for work, as long as you don't mind a cow eventually yelling the word "cow" at work. Moo.