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Boise State Game Balls week of February 14th

Derik Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Monday's are part of the week. Much like Game Balls.

So here they are!!

Game Balls One:

Marta Hermida (basketball)


The women's basketball team has hit a bit of a rough patch. Unfortunately they've dropped three straight. But that has not stopped some of the ballers from stepping up. While the team only played once last week against New Mexico, Hermida was still able to get some numbers. Ms. Hermida was able to get 20 points, 5 rebounds, and a block in the 70-60 loss. Even with the loss, Ms. Hermida shined. Congratulations Hermida!

Game Ball Two:

Anthony Drmic (basketball)


So what if the Broncos lost in one of the most painful ways possible? Dropping a 15 point lead can happen to anyone, amirite?! Anyway it was nice to see "old" Drmic resurface. He was able to get 30 points and 3 rebounds in the loss. But Drmic was also able to become Boise State's leading three point shooter with 267 for his career, passing Coby Karl's 266. Drmic was 6-12 on the night from three and 11-19 on field goals. But, despite his best efforts, just couldn't put New Mexico away. But he got a Game Ball. So that's just as good, right?!

Game Ball Three:

James Webb, III (basketball)

james webb

Again, despite the loss, Webb tried his best to help the Broncos get the dub. Webb had 18 points on 8-15 shooting and no threes. But he also had 13 rebounds, 2 assists, 2 blocks, and 3 steals. Though New Mexico was able to squeak one out, wasn't for the part of Webb or Drmic. Sometimes these things happen, regardless of how tough guys play.

Game Ball Four:

Krystine Jacobsen (gymnastics)


It's not so often that Boise State gets a B1G-type opponent to enter the land of the Broncos. But they were successful in getting Ohio State to travel west of the Mississippi. And the Broncos were able to come away with a very convincing win against the Buckeyes. To the tune of a 196.300 to 194.675 shut down. And Ms. Jacobsen? She had a 9.975 on the uneven bars. As far as I am aware about scoring in gymnastics, that is pretty good. That marks three matches in a row in the Broncos' favor against the Buckeyes.

Game Ball Five:

Sam Wicks (swimming)

sam wicks

Sam Wicks had a really productive week. She was part of the Free Relay win with fellow Broncos Brittany Aoyama, Emma Chard, and Katelyn Martin. Wicks had five titles over the course of the meet: 200 FR; 400 FR; 200 MR; 100 back; and 200 IM. Also—she got something called the "Swimmer of the Year" from the Mountain West. Not too bad of a haul I suppose. Well, Ms. Wicks, you can now add the most important award to your mantle: a Game Balls award from yours truly! Really though, congratulations Ms. Wicks on the storied career.

Your turn

Still a pretty active week for the Broncos. Anything catch your eye?!