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Basketball GameThread: Boise State vs Utah State

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

I didn't think we'd be heading into tonight's blackout game on a two-game skid...but the Mountain West has parity to spare, and the Broncos haven't been on their "A" game of late. After a tough loss in Vegas, the Broncos (15-7) fell at home to New Mexico and now are in danger of finding themselves in an unenviable position with regards to conference standings. Boise State's 3 conference losses were at least a bit spread out rather than last season's 0-3 conference start, but it's hard to say the Broncos are trending in the right direction. A win over the Aggies (11-9) tonight is a must. The game will be live on ESPN3 and one might listen in HERE or on 670 KBOI. Of course, it's a home you could just don some black attire and head down to Taco Bell Arena and help cheer our boys to victory. Casey will be there and media "rules" will restrict him from cheering, so you can go and serve as his proxy. Casey will also be live-tweeting the action and reporting from the (hopefully cheerful) postgame presser. Stay tuned.