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Wake Up Bronco Nation 2/2/2016: Recruiting myths debunked

It's almost Christmas in February for football fans!!

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Tuesday. The long forgotten day of the week as the placeholder between the loathed Monday and the hump that is Wednesday. One more day till National Signing Day!!!

Now on to the links!

3 debunked recruiting myths that prove Signing Day is crucial

Pretty simple: stars/ratings DO matter.

Now, how those stars and ratings are assigned can be up for debate. With so many kids in the system, and so few people to watch every single game, a lot has to come down to who is recruiting the kid. If Alabama, Michigan, Southern Cal, and Texas are recruiting a kid, he is most likely a Five Star dude. If a kid is only getting looks from Sun Belt or Conference USA schools, odds are he is not ranked as high.

Obviously stars are not everything, as the article points out. But Alabama did not just win another college football title with no-name dudes out of a random high school. The Alabama bench is littered with five stars. A lot of this stuff does come down to talent evaluations, but being college football-ready means something. Boise State has done well with what they have, but improvement is always a must!

SN Sources: Big 12 to talk expansion of member schools this week

I'll save you a click: does not include Boise State. If that is a nonstarter, then do not bother clicking. Mostly talking about BYU and their hesitancy to play on Sundays (read: they will not do it). Which can make things a challenge when trying to fill out a schedule for sports. And it is apparently a big deal.

BYU might stand as the most attractive potential partner because of its large following, excellent facilities and considerable wealth, but the challenges of adding a partner that declines to participate in Sunday competition is among the obstacles that appear to be too considerable.

After that it is mostly Cincinnati and UConn. Ah well. Boise State to any P5 conference is a LLLLOOOONNNNGGGG shot anyway. If any conference does decide to expand, do not look for it to add Boise State. Much to the chagrin of every Boise State person out there.

Watch some Boise State players boogy down at an assembly

Presented without comment

Boise State men's basketball to have a blackout tonight

So, if you are going to the game, make sure and wear black. The men are looking to rebound after dropping their last two. Which sucks. But it happens. Hopefully they can rebound enough to get some momentum headed into the MWC tournament. At this point, they need to win the MWC tournament to make the NCAA field. Too many losses against down MWC teams. Casey should be there, so make sure and say 'hi!'

Reminder that the Broncos have something going on tomorrow

And the dashingly handsome author of this post will be there. Along with two other schlubs. So as the Broncos release who has officially signed, be on the lookout here, Twitter, and Facebook to have updates on signees and any breaking news available.

I am not sure how much, if any, of the festivities the school will let us Periscope (my guess is none). But you should at least follow along on the OBNUG Twitter to watch Drew live-Tweet me being escorted from the premises for talking "too enthusiastically" about, well, everything going on.

Coverage of the (basically) all day even starts at 6 a.m. And fax machines everywhere will be at full tilt. Hopefully Fisher's Tech will be on standby to ensure all fax machines in the building are working. It all ends at Big Al's from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Again, OBNUG will tag along to make sure no news slips through the cracks!


Speaking of boogying down: Electric Boogie Woogie.