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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: AAC expansion?; Idaho getting the boot?; Gymnastics tonight!

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Friday. We have made it another week. Much fun. So excite!

There is a lot of stuff going on so we better get to the links!

University of Idaho awaits their football fate membership in the Sun Belt

Idaho made their plea on February 15 to the other Sun Belt member institutions to remain with the conference for the long term. That presentation also included a PowerPoint to highlight the certain positives of Idaho's continued conclusion in the conference.

Kamalei Correa in the first round for Mel Kiper's mock draft

You will need the ESPN Insider subscription to see the whole article. Kiper has the former Boise State STUD end going to the Arizona Cardinals as the 29th selection. Would be quite the achievement for Correa (and the Broncos) if he were able to make it to the first round. Another recruiting boon for the Broncos.

Boise State back in the AAC?

According to this guy, it is a possibility?

No clue who this guy is. No clue how credible he is, nor where he is getting his info. But apparently it's enough to generate some buzz.

So let us pretend that, for a moment, it IS  real thing. This is what an AAC west division would look like:

That WOULD be a division worth leaving the MWC. Mostly western rivals, stops in Texas and Oklahoma, ACC on the uptick in general? That would be worth a look.

Who knows if it is going to happen, or if it even a possibility. But it would be very fun thing.

Broncos in the pool making moves

Day two of the Mountain West Swimming and Diving championships. Day two scores here.

Broncos still in second place to Nevada (so far!) but they are gaining. And widened their lead over San Diego State by quite a bit. This is going to shake up to be a pretty big third day for the Broncos.

women's scores

Samantha Wicks is kind of good at this whole "swimming" thing.

And Coach Kipp?

And a relay win!

For me the funnest races, in any sport, are the relays. Watching the team effort to win a race adds so much suspense and drama. So getting a win in a team swim is pretty neat!

Good luck in day three Broncos!! Bring home a championship!

Boise State takes on Ohio State, tonight, in Boise even!!

In gymnastics. Boise State got back their #9 ranking this week after a slight bump back to #10 last week. This marks the fourth time Boise State has squared off against Ohio State with the Broncos holding a 2-1 edge. The Broncos beat the Buckeyes last year in Columbus so hopefully they can work that same magic tonight!

Want to watch the dual, but can't attend in person? Watch live here.

Dirk Koetter swiping Boise State assistants

This displeases me only because when a person is successful at Boise State they have a tendency to move on. But at least it is a positive thing and not, you know, getting fired. Being a scout for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is pretty good for Murray and hopefully he continues his progression on his career path.