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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Swimming & Diving in second; Women's basketball loses a third

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Thursday! Almost there to the end of the week. On to the links and stuff?

On to the links and stuff.

Bronco swim and dive team in second after the first day of the MWC championship tournament

The Broncos have 91 points, second to Nevada with 129. San Diego State (who were tied with Boise State in a pre-championship poll to win the whole thing) is third with 86. Here are the first day results.

Coach Jeremy Kipp:

These women also smashed a record!

Great work by the Broncos! They have two more days to make up ground to the Wolfpack, so hopefully they can rally and take the whole thing!

Bronco women drop their third straight

They dropped their third straight to New Mexico 70 to 60. Which is disappointing. That Colorado State game did a number on the women. Have not been able to recover it appears. With the last few games coming up, they need to find a way to get their groove back or it will be a very early end of the season.

Bronco men lose one too

They had their chances and at one point led by fifteen late in the second half. But sloppy play doomed them to yet another loss. Anthony Drmic did set the net on fire has he regained some of his pre-injury form. He now leads the Bronco record books for threes.

And Montigo Alford has hops.

That is his first dunk for the Broncos. Which is pretty impressive because the guy is only like 5' 3" (or something).

Disappointing outcome as the end of the season is drawing close.

PODCAST AIN'T PLAYED NOBODY: College football hates underdogs

This is a bit of a long one. And Boise State mentions! It is somewhat NSFW (language) at the beginning so if you cannot have headphones, make sure and either listen on low, or listen at home. After the initial few minutes, no more language issues.

Bill Connelly (of Football Studyhall) is awesome at his stats and I always look forward to his Boise State profile. They talk about a lot of stuff in this one. The Boise State mention is at about the 35:12 mark. Mentions the Boise State vs Georgia game in 2011.



This whale thing is kind of cool.

Make today a good one folks!