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Allie Ostrander needs a nickname. And we shall give her one.

The value of a good nickname cannot be overstated. Sometimes the nicknames can completely overtake the given name. Sometimes a person's identity can be so closely tied to said nickname, that not using it would be considered odd. We have a person in our presence that needs a nickname that can encompass so many things and communicate much more.

Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

"What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet."

Wise words from that wise guy, Shakespeare. What we call something has no impact on the thing itself. Our names do not necessarily define who, or what, we are.

But they sure can be recognizable.

Allie Ostrander has a certain, we'll call it, hobby. Now this hobby of hers has earned her some positive recognition. Lots of it.  And what, pray tell, is the hobby? She runs. She runs far and she runs to her destination with a quickness that we mere mortals are only beginning to understand. While some of us run for fun, health, or because we are masochists, she runs to win. Her hobby, running, she does to crush people. And she does it well.

How well?

In high school Ms. Ostrander had the opportunity to go to any school in the country on an athletic scholarship. Ms. Ostrander spurned the likes of Oregon and Arkansas (both track meccas in the Unites States) to attend Boise State. (Boise State winning out in the Ostrander lottery against those schools is a coup in, and of, itself for the coaching staff.) She is able to do this running thing so well that she is literally rewriting the record books for Boise State, the Mountain West Conference, and the NCAA.

Has it been mentioned that Ms. Ostrander is "only" a fresh-faced (and in this case literally) true freshman barely out of high school? It has not yet? Well I am glad to have reminded you. That is important information to know as we witness a wunderkind in our midst. It is important to know that someone who is only going to get better in the next three years (barring injury) is already crushing her opponents with a reckless abandon, and blatant disregard for feelings, unlike we have ever seen at Boise State.

And she does it all with aplomb.

Now, Ms. Ostrander's hobby does require a certain physical finesse, a certain amount of stamina, fitness, and heart. While diminutive in stature, her results speak for themselves in a mammoth way. The physical toll this hobby can take on a person can literally kill him/her (you all may recall the story of Pheidippides). Running can be a terrible activity. Running is not a thing that can be taken lightly if you are a competitor. Competitive running is not something that can be done without much discipline and commitment. Ostrander, however, makes running look like a literal walk in the park.

There are some athletes that have reached a certain level of notoriety that they start to become known for certain actions, or abilities, or appearances. Doug Martin is relatively short (only 5' 9") but is built like a brick house with stacks on stacks on stacks of muscle. To which he was given the nickname of "Muscle Hamster" in a light-hearted way of describing his physical attributes. The name stuck, for Boise State fans, in a show of affection. Unfortunately, he has renounced the name.

doug martin

And has instead chosen to go with "Dougernought." Ew.

Our very own Leighton "Baby Giraffe" Vander Esch embraces his nickname given to him by newly anointed Defensive Coordinator Andy Avalos. Karl Malone was known for showing up in big games and always able to deliver. Hence he was bestowed the "The Mailman." Wayne Gretzky was kind of all right in hockey. One could say he was pretty good. They named him "The Great One." Wrestling? Jake "The Snake" Roberts. A proper handle can be great for a person's "brand" while striking fear in the hearts of any competitor.

As it currently stands, Ms. Ostrander does not have a nickname (or at least it is not known publicly). She does not have a name that upon its utterance will cause flashes doubt in the hearts of those competing against her and visions of glory for those rooting for her. She does not have a name that adequately summarizes her abilities and the type of winner she is.

So that is where we come in. Bronco Nation it falls upon us to help Ms. Ostrander and provide a name by which we can capture her awesomeness and our lofty expectations. Currently the Broncos are debating some possibilities.

It should not be this way. It should not be this difficult to bestow a proper label to a woman who is so accomplished in such a short span of time. We need to find a nickname that is not only worthy of Ms. Ostrander, but we need to find a way to make it STICK!

Full disclosure: I came up with a nickname that I thought would be both telling of the athlete she is, and to provide a bit of irony and hinting to her physical stature. I wanted to nickname her BeastMode. Yes, after Marshawn Lynch. More of an homage to the type of intense competitor she is rather than her physical demeanor. I wanted to impart visions of comparisons between a 215 LB runningback versus a 100 LB (soaking wet) long distance runner. But I was summarily shot down. Probably due to the fact that Lynch is already well-known by that nickname. Or perhaps because of Ms. Ostrander's physical nature that it was rejected. Regardless of my intentions, it does not look likely.

Do we have any other submissions?

We can probably dismiss Drew's suggestions outright. Seeing as how none of these suggestions were mine, they just are not of great quality. We should probably ban Drew in some capacity from nicknaming if that is all he going to do. And if we somehow settle on "Speedy," or "Turbo," or "Overdrive" so help me, I will turn this car around!!!

Bronco Nation we are at a pivotal point in the career of what looks to be one of Boise State's best athletes. We get to witness greatness for three more years. Let us fill those years with chants of "_________." Let us show our support for Beast--err--Allie Ostrander and give her a nickname that is worthy of her ability. She needs a name that helps summarize what she has done, what she is doing, and what she will do going forward. A winner of her caliber needs a niickname that not only encapsulates her passion for running, but her penchant to totally dominating everyone else around her.

Allie Ostrander needs a nickname.

Who knows? It just may stick.