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Boise State's Ostrander and Elliott nab Mountain West weekly awards


Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

As with all performances that are deserving of recognition, Boise State had two athletes over the weekend put together such performances that they have been given some pretty nice accolades. The Mountain West conference has named Allie Ostrander the MWC track athlete of the week and David Elliott as co-track athlete of the week. This recognition comes off the heels of some record-setting performances for Boise State, the MWC, and the NCAA on the whole.

This is the second time, in three weeks, that Ms. Ostrander has been the track athlete of the week. So far she only trails Colorado State's Leah Fair (three) for an athlete of the week award for track and field. Ostrander has only been participating in races since late January/early February. And, being honest, the only reason she missed out on three in a row is because she did not have a race that week. Ostrander now holds Boise State and Mountain West records in both the 3,000 meters and 5,000 meters.

Mr. Elliott has been on quite the tear himself. Elliott already has two track athletes of the week just on his own, this co-athlete marks his third. Patrick Corona of Air Force (the other co-track athlete) has one other award by himself. Elliott led the way in the Husky Classic when six men were added to the sub-four mile club. So far in the year, there are 17 athletes that have reached this fast milestone. By comparison only 24 were added for ALL of 2015.

Congratulations to Ms. Ostrander and Mr. Elliott on their accomplishments. May they have many more!