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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Underrated top 25 players; Idaho in the Sun Belt; Darian Thompson praise

February 16, 2016

Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

What with Tuesdays being so fun, today's links will be EXTRA fun, right?

ESPN's most underrated players in the top 25

The inclusion of Correa on this list is somewhat... odd. The way the paragraph reads sounds like Chantel Jennings expects him back at Boise State. (Which I would not mind.) If, indeed, this is the case then the person who volunteered the Correa pick could have done a skosh more research. If memory serves, he started as STUD end, right? Or am I taking crazy pills? Maybe she meant Gabe Perez? Not sure.

Let us say that her Correa pick was for real. While he may be considered "underrated" to the outsider, those in Boise know his value. Which is plenty. Plenty enough for those of us in Boise fretting his desire to move on. He had the opportunity to come back and wreck college teams another year, or go pro and wreck some NFL teams. He chose the latter. As a could-be second round pick, Correa would hardly be an "underrated" player.

University of Idaho's time in the Sun Belt could be nearing an end

Though much laughter has been had (at least by me) regarding Idaho's overall inclusion in the Sun Belt, it really is no actual laughing matter. Just by pure logistics, to have your conference-mates be over a thousand miles away is crazy. The travel expenses to get to Idaho are not cheap. So much so that Idaho has agreed to subsidize the travel for the schools who have to visit. (Which is such a GREAT use of taxpayer money.)

An interesting point is brought up for the continued inclusion of Idaho in the SBC is brought up by Idaho Athletic Director Rob Spear. Not being the "worst" team in the conference. And that when the divide between the Power Five and Group of Five becomes a gaping chasm, Idaho actually helps the reputation of the SBC. Kind of weak really. Idaho has won five games while in the Sun Belt. Six games if you include their one season as an independent. Not exactly the strongest resumé.

Rob Spear even going to bat and defending Head Coach Paul Petrino and the "challenges" he has had (a few have been self-inflicted). Spear has to defend Petrino, considering Spear hired Petrino, but the lengths to do so are eyebrow raising. Petrino appears to have his team on the up-swing, but who knows if it will either last, or be enough.

Another Darian Thompson draft breakdown

Nothing new here and nothing you didn't already know. It is just really cool to see so many good things about Boise State alumni as they try to get to the next level. In the write-up, there are many positives!! And only a few negatives. Thompson is going to represent Boise State well on the next level.

Grammy Awards were on last night

Lots of entertaining going on. Hamilton (the musical) won. As did Taylor Swift. Did you watch?


Sad Animal Facts.

Metallica ain't got nothin' on a Guinea Pig.

sad guinea pig