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WUBN: Record setting Broncos; NBA all star game

February 15, 2016

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Monday is here and we are going to kick it off right!

With some links!

Boise State still not getting that win at Colorado State

As frustrating as the outcome is, it is most likely the correct call. It would set a bad precedent to overturn this outcome (though, personally, it wouldn't hurt my feelings if they did). Going back to review all the bad plays/calls throughout a game would just open the door to everything being challenged. Can't have that.

As a side note: I count the Boise State game against Colorado State as a win. And so does Leon Rice:

Sitting in the press conference, after he said this, the media and others laughed at this statement. But he didn't. He, at least, gave the air of being serious. And I certainly don't blame him. Just wish the MWC felt the same way.

NBA had their dunk contest on Saturday

Want to watch some pretty sweet dunks? Yes you do.

Some of these moves are just insane. The fact that Gordon didn't win when his dunk included a full sit over a mascot is crazy to me. But definitely still extraordinary to watch. Especially when these guys are almost hitting their respective heads on the rims as they jump.

And the NBA had their All Star game on Sunday

Unless it is Boise State basketball, I do not really follow shooty hoops. I definitely do not follow the NBA, but I do enjoy sporting events in general. I joke that I get to be a fan of Golden State without the the whole "bandwagon" label since I follow Da Raidas [audible sigh]. I can not help it. Golden State is so much fun to watch.

Especially when Steph Curry hits shots like this for fun.

Anyway, all star games are more for show and much more about entertaining the crowd.

Ally-oops galore!!!

Check out the amazing real-time 3d Matrix-style replays. This is going to be really fun when they use these for football games in the NFL.

Broncos competing on the track and field

And dominating.

David Elliott ran a 3:57.68 mile. That is fast. Also good enough for the W at the Husky Classic in Seattle. Elliott joins a pretty elite list of runners who have done this incredible feat. His name isn't currently on this list (as of this writing) but he will be the first Boise State-related athlete to do so (or at least the first affiliated with Boise State at the time the athlete ran the sub-four minute mile). And, yes, I have e-mailed someone at that website to get David Elliott added to the list. So he should be added soon after whatever verification process they need to go through.

You know who else is awesome?

Two Words:

Allie. Ostrander.

She ran the 3,000 meters in 8:54.27. Which was good for first, of course.

Yes. That IS a big deal. You know why?

I assume when Ostrander trains for these meets, she just has "Eye of the Tiger" and this song on loop.

What else are we to expect? I am excited to see her progression as she gets even better.

Broncos on NFL draft boards

Pleasant news.


Now for a game. Font or Cheese?