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Boise State Game Balls for week of February 7th

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Broncos had a rough go of the sporting events last week. Unfortunately took a lot of Ls. But there were still some great performances that should be recognized. Let's get to work and give away some Game Balls!

Game Ball One:

Shay Shaw (basketball)

shalen shaw

Boise State women's basketball... struggled last week. But not for wont of effort. Versus Colorado State, Shay Shaw continued to lead the Broncos with the game's only double-double of 11 points and 11 rebounds. That gives Shaw nine double-doubles on the season. Unfortunately the Colorado State women's team is really good. And the Broncos lost by thirty-two points, 83-51. Ouch. Against Wyoming, the Broncos struggled again allowing 82 points by the Cowgirls while only mustering 58 of their own. Shaw only had 2 points and 3 rebounds against Wyoming. Not exactly the turnaround from Colorado State that the Broncos were hoping for. Can't win them all, but this is not the right time to hit a slump. Look for the Broncos to rebound (literally and figuratively) going forward.

Game Ball Two:

Montigo Alford (basketball)


On a night that Alford makes a rare start, he showed up accordingly against Colorado State. Mr. Alford led both teams in points with 25, and added 4 rebounds, an assist, a block, and a steal. Have you sever seen his athleticism in person? The man is all muscle. He could probably jump over me (I am 5' 6") from a flat stand-still. Alford also had another start against Wyoming where his presence was mostly felt in a defensive role in keeping Wyoming's Josh Adams in check (Adams had 16 points in the game. As Rice said during the presser, you can only hope to contain him.). Alford only had 4 points, but his defensive play helped bring the victory to the Broncos.

Game Ball Three:

James Webb, III (basketball)

james webb

I mean seriously.

Game-winning shot aside, he had an ok game against Colorado State 10 points and 7 rebounds. Wyoming he turned the jets on. 21 points, 11 rebounds, and a block that sent the ball (and the Wyoming guy who put it up) into another dimension.

I don't have much to say here because I may, or may not, still be upset about the Colorado State game.

Game Ball Four:

Sandra Collantes (gymnastics)

sandra collantes

Ms. Collantes continues to lead the Broncos by nabbing another all-around win with a 39.15 overall score. She had a 9.775 on the uneven bars, vault, and floor, while getting a 9.825 on the balance beam. The elite-level gymnast is helping the Broncos off to their best start since 1988 when they went 11-0. And of their next three events the Broncos get some pretty big opponents in Ohio State (2/19) and Michigan State (3/6). Should be pretty fun matchups to extend the Bronco streak!

Game Ball Five:

Allie Ostrander (track)

allie ostrander

Ms. Ostrander does it again during the Husky Classic on Saturday. She managed to get first in the Women's 3,000 meters.

This one is a little closer than the races we normally see from the true freshman standout. But guess what? That time set the school and Mountain West Conference record. And also?

This woman is not messing around. She is going to end up the most decorated athlete Boise State has ever seen/had (barring injury). And it's going to be incredible watching her leave her mark on Boise State, and Mountain West Conference, record books. Going forward, I assume that the competitors that see her name on the docket they will just immediately forfeit to save face. I mean, why bother trying at this point?

Game Ball Six:

David Elliott (track)

Mr. Elliott did what only a "few" other runners have done. And that is run a sub-four minute mile. A 3:57.68 to be exact at the Husky Classic in Seattle. Which earned him a first place finish for his race. And a fantastic finish at that. A lot of runners who turn in a sub-four mile have that be their fastest time in the mile. Hopefully that will not be the case for Mr. Elliott as he finishes out his Boise State career (he is a senior). Congratulations to Mr. Elliott and, hopefully, he will be able to keep up his torrid pace for the rest of the year.

Your turn

Congratulations to this weeks Game Balls recipients. Any others?