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Boise State Recruiting: The 2017 class

A new season of recruiting is upon us! Let there be joy and much frivolity across the Blue Turf™!

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Last week, we did a basic touching of bases on the names currently floating around out there in the recruiting stratosphere that are interested in the Broncos. Let's be honest. I'm sure there are A LOT more kids interested in BSU than the ones listed, but these were just the ones listed by Scout and Rivals. I tried to be mindful of kids who were already committed elsewhere, but I'm sure a few snuck in.

The 2016 class was without a 4-star recruit, but it could be one of the most solid classes that has been put together top to bottom. We'll start diving in to the kids out there for 2017 to see if they can top it. This week, we'll look at some film on the quarterbacks we are currently aware of. If a kid commits somewhere, I'll mark it, but keep them on the list. We all know how that can work out in the end.


QB Tucker Rovig, Meridian, Idaho (Mountain View) 6'5" 195lbs

Tucker is a big-bodied quarterback out of Mountain View High in Meridian. He was 143-241 (59%) for 2,427 yards, 22 TD and 5 INTs along with 197 rushing yards and 4 more TDs. That's very respectable as a junior QB. What you will see from his tape below is he is sneaky fast with a 4.8 40, has a solid arm and great pocket presence.

QB Robbie Blosser, Los Angeles, California (Salesian) 6'2" 190lbs

Robbie's Salesian team from LA didn't do all that great last season, but Robbie still had a great season. He went 153-230 (66%) for 2,131 yards, 13 TDs and 9 INTs as well as 45 yards rushing and another TD. He can thread the needle if need be, but it seemed some of his longer passes floated a little. He was on varsity as a sophomore as well.

QB Tyler Vander Waal, Sacramento, California (Christian Brothers) 6'3" 210lbs

I don't have as much info on Tyler as I imagine he might have just been moved up to varsity. I do have his sophomore season highlights though. He has a solid arm and can really zing it if he needs to. He has good awareness in the pocket and can pick up yards with his feet if need be.

QB Chase Garbers, Newport Beach, California (Corona Del Mar) 6'3" 210lbs

Chase had some solid numbers on his 19-8 Corona Del Mar team. He was 228-327 (69%) for 2,738 yards, 33 TDs and 3 INTs to go along with 457 rushing yards and 7 more TDs. He has been on varsity since his freshman year. Chase has a solid arm and can go deep when he needs to. He's fairly fleet afoot, and while he might not outrun everyone, he isn't exactly easy to bring down.

QB Chase Cord, Peoria, Arizona (Sunrise Mountain) 6'3" 185lbs

Chase played for a pretty good Sunrise Mountain team out of Arizona, going 16-11 as a junior. He was 169-237 (71.3%) for 3,173 yards, 52 TDs and 6 INTs as well as another 1,059 yards rushing and 13 more TDs. Those are some eye-popping numbers if you ask me. That's 65 total touchdowns accounted for against only 6 interceptions. He has also been a varsity player since his freshman year. He has a pretty effortless throw and, if you couldn't tell based on his numbers, he's a solid run threat. He posted 9.7 yards per carry.

QB Cam Roane, Colleyville, Texas (Heritage) 6'2" 196lbs

Cam was Reid Harrison-Ducros' quarterback at Heritage in Colleyville, TX. Cam started high school at Grapevine Faith, a private school. After two solid years, we not only wanted to challenge himself at the highest level in Texas, but show that he is ready for the next level to would-be suitors. He then transferred to CHHS. He had a good junior campaign, going 129-228 (56.6%) for 2,344 yards, 21 TDs and 9 INts as well as 572 yards on the ground for 2 more scores. He was also named 2015 All-District QB. He has a good arm and can throw well on the run. Also of note, he's a southpaw.

QB Connor Neville, Wilsonville, Oregon (Wilsonville) 6'1" 186lbs

Connor played for a solid Wilsonville squad out of Wilsonville, OR. He was 200-301 (65.4%) for 3,110 yards, 37 TDs and 8 INTs. I would not consider Neville a running QB as he had -226 yards rushing, but did have 3 rushing TDs his junior year. His sophomore year he was in the positive with 107 yards rushing though. He was also the NWOC Offensive POY. While Connor wouldn't be considered a dual-threat QB, he is agile enough to avoid pressure. He has great pocket presence, seemingly with ice in his veins. He has a great arm, great touch, and amazing poise in the pocket. the definition of "field general" I would say. Connor also squats 415lbs.

QB Colton Richardson, Lewiston, ID (Lewiston) 6'5" 230lbs

Colton is the biggest quarterback on the list right now at 6'5 and 230lbs. He played for a solid Lewiston squad who went 9-2 on the year. Colton was named the 5A IEL Offensive MVP, first team all-conference, first team all-region and second team all-area. I couldn't find his season stats unfortunately. He has a quick release and can put some zip behind the ball. His throwing motion kind of reminds me of a dad throwing to his kid haha. Based on some brief reading, he's a great leader and a team player.


Based on the current guys out there, we have a solid crop to choose from. For me, I'd say Neville, Rovig and Cord are my top 3 in no particular order. Rovig is a big QB and seemed to have all the tools. Plus, he's a local kid and I like to see those kids get a shot. Cord had some crazy stats, not only on the ground, but through the air. To have a QB that can be just as dangerous on the ground as he is through the air is a big plus. Neville, while not as mobile as Cord, plays with a lot of maturity and poise. He has all the tools a pocket passer needs and would only get better with next-level coaching.

Next week, we will take a look at the current OL crop out there. Go Broncos!