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Boise State vs Wyoming basketball gamethread

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

It's a beautiful day in Boise for hanging out and spending time in sun. You know what it's also a beautiful day for? Basketball. And particularly Boise State basketball.

Moving on from an unpleasant game a few days ago, the Broncos are hooping it up again against the Wyoming Cowboys. The Broncos will hopefully be able to move past the game they won lost had taken from them, and rally the rest of the season. The emotional toll that the Colorado State game had could linger for a while. Moving past that game can cause problems for psyche's (mostly mine). The rest of the season definitely depends on the Broncos moving on. Which could prove to be difficult considering they still have games at San Diego State and at New Mexico.

This game being on a Saturday afternoon is convenient so we have our night to relax and enjoy the rest of the weekend. So spend some time here and commiserate about the Wyoming game and, undoubtedly, the Colorado State game.