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The Mountain West releases statement regarding Webb's final shot

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Mountain West Conference has released their official statement regarding James Webb's final three pointer to end the game against Colorado State last night. Everyone was looking forward to the statement considering the way the game ended and the recent admission of a goof up in the New Mexico vs San Diego State game earlier this week. The Mountain West had even deleted the first initial entry about the call to clarify that the statement was from the officials, not from the Mountain West directly.

Well, the Mountain West finally released their statement. And it was not what we wanted to hear. (Below is just an expert of the statement, please click the link for the full statement.)

It is standard procedure to review potential game-ending baskets and the game officials came to their determination utilizing the official video and embedded clock technology within the approved multi-camera capture instant replay system. The video clip from that system which was reviewed by the game officials can be found here:

It is clear 1.2 to 1.3 seconds elapsed from the time the player touched the ball to the time the shot was released, and that the game clock did not start for several tenths of a second after the initial touch. Thus, the basket did not count - regardless of what was ultimately reflected on the game clock or what other unofficial video replays may appear to indicate.

Well isn't THAT something? The Mountain West doubling down on a call that, to a LOT of outside folks, the officials got wrong is somewhat surprising. Know what is awesome, Mountain West? Letting the "stopwatch" tick to 0.1 BEFORE THE BALL IS IN WEBB'S HAND (see the 0:43 mark)!

And then there's this:

The very video that the MWC provided to exonerate the refs actually shows a "rather" significant error.

Coach Leon adds some more remarks about the call.

Good job, good effort MWC.

UPDATE February 2/12 4:40 P.M.: And the MWC releases their final statement:

Finally, the additional analysis also re-measured the timing of the release of the shot by the Boise State player.  The outcome of this subsequent review determined the Boise State player most likely released the shot just prior to the 0.8 second threshold and thus the shot should have counted.

NCAA Men’s Basketball Playing Rule 5, Section 5 does not allow a protest to be filed or the result of the game to be overturned.

Again: not the answer Boise State was looking for. Also: no apology Fantastic.