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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Boise State had some unpleasant results last night

February 11, 2016

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Almost there. Almost time for the weekend as we head into Friday-lite known as Thursday. Let's get to the links!!

Bronco women's basketball lose to Rams 83-51

The Colorado State women are not bad. By all reliable measures, they are, in fact, quite good. The women got worked over pretty well at Taco Bell Arena by the Rams last night in front of a season-high 1,500 fans. Hopefully this does not turn off the momentum for crowds going forward. While this game was brutal, the fight was always there for the ladies.

Boise State men lose at Colorado State 97-93 after seemingly winning

So this shot was waved off. The ball went in, but the refs waived it off.

This one is a complete gut-punch for the team. Such an emotional high, then having it come crashing down. Rough loss only scratches the surface.

Dan Goodale: hitting pretty cool shots

This video got retweeted by ESPN.

Such an awesome shot!

Julius Brown now a Utah State Aggie

He will be in the same coaching position as he was in Boise. Weird that he is going to Utah State like that, but he was bound to land somewhere. Hopefully he finds his success.


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