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Rocky Mountain sigh: Boise State jobbed in Fort Collins

Nuts and bolts...nuts and bolts...

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Final: Travesty (Colorado State 97, Boise State 93)

I'm too tired to type much on this one, but suffice it to say Boise State just got hosed. It nearly took a miracle to get the game to OT in the first place and then this happened at the end of 1OT

This basket was reviewed for WAAAAY longer than you'd expect for a play that clearly shows the ball halfway to the basket by the time the red light on the backboard lit, but the MWC refs, in their infinite wisdom determined that the play clock started late and pulled out a stopwatch (seriously) to determine that the basket should have been late and waved it off. Of course, the elated Broncos had to regroup for double OT and this, predictably happened:

Montigo Alford got the start and led the Broncos with 25 points and chipped in 7 three pointers. Mikey Thompson chipped in 20 of his own and James Webb III hit the game-winner that wasn't. I'd expect to see a lame statement from the MWC tomorrow on this sleight of hand...but it won't change the outcome. Brutal loss for the Broncos (who really needed a win). Here are the final game stats if you want them...MWC refs are the real MVP.

CSU final