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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Boise State softball picked ninth in Mountain West

February 9, 2016

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Wednesday. I always used to struggle with the spelling of that word. Especially since you do not necessarily pronounce it the way it is spelled. Still. A good day to have in the rotation.

ESPN out with another "too early" top 25 after signing day

Boise State making an appearance. At 25. The Boise State name and brand has afforded some pretty decent benefit of the doubt recently. To which is a good thing. But our dear friends down in sunny San Diego, who did pretty well last season and are returning champs, are inexplicably gone from a lot of these polls. Certainly does not hurt my feelings.

College men's basketball NCAA bubble watch

Stating the painfully obvious here. With the MWC not particularly strong, and Boise State struggling as of late, the only way for the MWC to be a multi-bid would be for a team other than San Diego State to win the conference tournament and San Diego nabbing an at-large. But, the way SDSU is playing, they'll probably win both the regular season and the conference tournament. Them's the breaks.

They see him rollin', they hatin'...

But they'll never catch Matt Paradis ridin' dirty.

And speaking of Paradis rolling, you will never NOT see him on the field.

Jay Tust. The man is bringing the heat with these stats!

SEC none too happy with Harbaugh holding practices down south

While I would agree that athletes need the time off, let's call a spade a spade here: The SEC is just mad that Harbaugh is practicing in their neck of the woods. Any argument regarding athlete "down time" is, most likely, a disingenuous one. I do not think the SEC cares when Michigan holds their practices, but more like where. And they do not want that "where" anywhere near the south.

You like stats, and stuff, about two and five year recruiting rankings?

Of course you do. And Bill Connelly is one of the best compiling stats and stuff. (As an aside: you need to read about Bill Connelly's S&P+ Ratings. There is absolutely no way I can explain how his ratings work, but they make sense and involve a LOT of numbers.)

This article is, well, about the recruiting averages for each school. So where does Boise State land? Well, overall, Boise State ranks 68th. Five year recruiting average is 69th and the two year average (Harsin's guys) 65th. It is a tick up. And Boise State is in the top five for the Group of Five two year average. You should check to see where everyone else lies. Boise State is tops for the MWC (obvs) and the cellar dweller in the MWC? Wyoming at 123.

Presented without comment: Idaho is 126th.

You like baseball? Well Boise State doesn't have that.

But they do have softball. And that has a lot of similarities to baseball. The Broncos are picked to finish 9th in the league (that is last place). Which kind of sucks. But that just means they have nowhere to go but UP! Good luck to the Broncos as they slug it out on the diamond.


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