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Boise State women's tennis team signs historic class

Stuart Franklin/Getty Images

Sure, Olympic sports don't get as much play 'round these parts as football...but if you're paying attention to all things Bronco, you might have noticed some upward trends for the "non-revenue sports" in general. You heard about the exploits of distance superstar Allie Ostrander over the weekend, the prowess of the gymnastics team last week, and this week it's the women's tennis team making big moves. For the first time in school history, the women's tennis team has secured a top 25 ranked recruiting class (tied for 25th, to be exact). Men's and women's tennis have historically been very competitive squads at Boise State and it appears that trend is set to continue under the tutelage of Greg Patton and women's coach Beck Roghaar. I'll let the Boise State press release tell the tale:

The deep Bronco class is led by five-star prospect Lilian Poling of West Point, N.Y. Poling owns a 10.32 rating in the Universal Tennis Rating System. Wilhelmina Palmer of Sweden ranks No. 458 in the ITF World Junior Rankings and owns a 10.57 UTR rating, the highest of Boise State’s three signees. Four-star recruit Jovana Kuljanin of Murrieta, Calif., boasts a 9.17 UTR score.

Furthermore, Boise State was one of only two schools outside the "power conferences" (plus Ivy League) that secured a class in the top-25 (the other being William and Mary). Since it's "recruiting week" and football signing day is on Wednesday, consider this tidbit a prelude.