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Wake Up Bronco Nation 2/1/2016: Darian Thompson raises draft stock

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

We meet again, Monday! The day that is most ridiculed of all the weekdays. Though I see you every week, I just can not get used to you! Let us get this week kicked off right with some links.

Darian Thompson shines in Senior Bowl

Obviously. It is quite comical that Mr. Thompson had to improve his draft stock at all. Would think that just being the top safety available at the Senior Bowl would be enough. But here we are. While Thompson is not a "big name" at the Senior Bowl, he showed enough work to get people talking about him. As it should be. Getting the North team MVP isn't shabby either.

Not everything is all sunshine and roses for Mr. Thompson's evaluations. He even has some constructive criticism.

Concerns: Thompson doesn't show many flaws on film. He's not a guy that has one elite quality but he does most things really well.

The only way I can interpret that concern is one of two ways: 1) His ceiling is low. That we can already see what he does well and that is it, not much improvement to be seen. Though I would argue that he is still young and very coachable; 2) A Jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none sorts, with that second statement, Thompson does everything well, but not one thing that sticks out. Perhaps the concerns could have been fleshed out a bit better, but counting them as a concern seems odd.

Ah well. Let us enjoy Mr. Thompson doing work.

February 3rd cannot get here fast enough

The race to lockdown some elite players is on. And the Broncos keep adding to the list. A players whose name is Solo? And another who pronounces his name "Coyote?" That just has the makings of good things. The Broncos keep butting heads with the Oregon schools for their talent. And, luckily, Boise State has come up with two big gets. And, well, the Broncos did!

February 3rd is going to be like Christmas for Broncos fans. You will have to keep watch on the Bronco Football Twitter feed to keep abreast of what guys are locked in to the Broncos.

Boise State commits at the International Bowl

Both Reid Harrison-Ducros and De'Andre Pierce represented for Boise State on Team USA versus Canada. Team USA beat Canada 33-0. While stats were not available as of this writing, RHD did record at least one tackle.

This is a shot of RHD versus a USC commit (Per Mike Wittmann of Rivals):

Boise State commits doing work!

The Mountain West has more players in Super Bowl 50 than the Big 12

Really neat break down of where each guy originates from. Boise State has two players on the Denver roster. Nevada has three. This displeases me.

And a reminder that this guy will be representing Boise State:

It is unfortunate that Clady is injured and will not be representing as well. But thems the breaks.


Are you twelve? I am. /giggle (Requires sound. Safe for work.)

Ducks are the best.