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Boise State football gets four-star commitment

NCAA Football: Boise State at Hawaii Marco Garcia-USA TODAY Sports

Late last night the “Bronco Signal” was put up by the Head Man himself:

And off to the races #BoiseStateTwitter went to identify the would-be commit. While having “silent” commits is nice, it is even better to know what kind of lofty expectations we can have from the type of players we bring in.

Mr. Darren Uscher, Boise State Director of Recruiting & Player Personnel, offered a big clue, earlier yesterday, as to the possible identity of the new Boise State commit.

And once you are able to decipher hieroglyphics, you can come up with a four-star athlete the Broncos were recruiting pretty hard. And, apparently, that hard work paid off:

Mr. Bryan Thompson, according to Rivals, is a 6’ 3”, 185 lb four-star receiver. The no. 21 receiver in California and no. 144 nationally. He’s got an offer list the length of my arm. Some of which include: Washington, Oregon, Washington State (eight of the PAC-12 total), Indiana, and Kansas State. Plus a whole bunch of interest from a lot of other schools.

Otherwise known as a “big get” the Broncos now have two four-star rated kids in this class. So set talent expectations to: high.