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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Boise State women’s basketball wins; Going Bowling

SMU v Boise State Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images

How much did the pirate’s new earrings cost?

A buccaneer.

Boise State WBB wins in a fantastic way yesterday

And, boy, was it a doozy. The Broncos use a 25-4 run (yep, 25-4) get overcome an early deficit in the first quarter. This prompted a lead going into the fourth quarter. To which the Cougars made a valiant effort to tie it at the end of the fourth. Broncos were able to scrap enough together and come away with a huge road win to get the Broncos off to a 7-0 start. This also avenged last year’s loss at Taco Bell Arena.

ICYMI: Bronco football going bowling in Phoenix

So. The storylines should be aplenty. And, unfortunately, they will probably not be any fun ones. As the comments in Drew’s article suggest, the Baylor Bears are a down team right now, but certainly not out. This will be the first team, in the last few games, that will have more raw talent on the field. But the lack of a head coach (or some other assistants) who are going to be around after the bowl game may cause some issues. Their situation is going to be rough going forward, so as long as the Broncos control their own selves, they should be fine.

Also, going to leave this here.

Potato Bowl

The only reason I am putting this on there is two teams that really do not like the Broncos have to meet to play on the Boise State’s field. Unfortunately both can’t lose so one is going to walk away at least somewhat satisfied and t’other will... have another loss on the Blue? Also, it is going to be the last collegiate football game we are going to have until next fall (or, if you want, you can count the spring game). So if you just enjoy football, maybe making at appearance at the game may scratch an itch.


Guys! Watch this dude punch a kangaroo in the face! (It was for a good reason.)