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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Boise State uniform combo; Jeremy McNichols leaving; Socks!

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UNLV v Boise State Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images

I could not get a reservation at the library.

They were all booked up.

Well, Jeremy McNichols is going to the NFL early

And Alexander Mattison is the heir-apparent.

It is a bitter-sweet moment for me. On one hand, I am going to terribly miss McNichols making opposing defenses just look downright silly. On the other hand, watching him make NFL defenses look silly will be just as satisfying. While I am not sure where he is going go in the draft, my hope is that he gets drafted by the Oakland Raiders. That would make me so happy.


There is a huge difference in college success and NFL success. I just hope our guy continues his.

FINE! These will do instead

Yesterday I had posted some Boise State-themed shoes. I assume no one is going to take me up on my offer of letting him (or her) buy them for me. Well how about these Boise State-themed socks? Because they look pretty darned slick as well. (They would go especially well with the shoes, but that is none of my business.)

In case you were wondering about the uniform combo tonight

Wonder no more.

Good ol’ standby hasn’t failed the Broncos in recent performances. So why fix what is not broken? Hopefully that good mojo carries over!

Tommy Stuart transferring

Which was expected.

I hope he lands somewhere that he gets to play right away and just light things up. I am also really glad that he’s graduated. That is a really important aspect to this whole thing (though I realize sometimes that does not quite happen).

Wonder how a baseball stadium is going to accommodate football?

Here is a look at the field.


So this is an addicting game. Game about Squares. Not going to spoil the point of this one, as it appears quite evident, but you may enjoy it.