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Wake Up, Bronco Nation! Christmas Day Edition...And Strangely Loaded With Content

Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills Photo by Rich Barnes/Getty Images

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Er’body!

Early game preview

Brought to you by the good folks

...and some pics from the university

Selflessness is next to awesomeness for the Broncos

Also, Travis Averill once broke a moped by being too much man for it. Literally.

Transferring walk-on RB, Roper, heading to Montana State

At MSU, Roper will be joining former Broncos’ special teams coach, Jeff Choate, who is the head coach there.

Some practice footage from Phoenix

Because, why not?

Also, you can tour the Broncos’ sweet suite.

Baylor offense will be a great test for Boise State

Seriously. Don’t sleep on these guys. That system is lethal.

Interview with the ever-affable Coach Huff

Generally the most hilarious of the BSU coaches.

It was a BIG day for former Broncos in the NFL yesterday

Jay Ajayi

For reference, only Eric Campbell ever had more 200+ yard (4) games in a season than the three Jay has now had this tear. He’s now tied with Tiki Barber and OJ Simpson. Pretty incredible, considering he didn’t even begin the season as the starter.

George Iloka

Jamar Taylor


I told you to check back today...