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Boise State Game Balls for week of December 11th

SMU v Boise State Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images

For the time being I am going to move the OBNUG Game Balls to Tuesday. With the lack of football stuff, we are going to need to stretch content a bit so, with Casey putting out his recruiting roundup on Monday, might as well get something else out for Tuesday.

As it stands last week’s competition was pretty light in that the only competition that happened last week was the women’s basketball team. So here it goes.

Game Ball One:

Marijke Vanderschaaf (basketball)

The Broncos took their first loss of the season against the no. 11 Washington Huskies. Which, if we are being honest, was kind of expected. Washington was in the Final Four last year of the NCAA Tournament so they are kind of good.

But, as with any competition, there are always good things to learn and good things to take away from a loss. And one of those things to take away was that was Ms. Vanderschaaf, as a Redshirt Sophomore, is stepping up as a key role player for the Broncos. Against Washington, Vanderschaaf had 16 points, five rebounds, a block, and a steal.

Need these good performances wherever we can find them. Congratulations Ms. Vanderschaaf.

Game Ball Two:

Shay Shaw (basketball)

Ms. Shaw was back to her machine-like self with 10 points, nine rebounds, five assists, and a steal. The Junior from Reno, Nevada (SUCK IT WOLF PACK!) is making her presence known through every game and it is much appreciated.

Congratulations Ms. Shaw!

Game Ball Three:

Students! (all majors)

Last Saturday Boise State had a winter commencement. And a whole bunch of students walked away with some degrees (and some pretty slick graduation gowns). The photo above is Sam McCaskill and Taylor Pope. (Sorry third dude, not sure who you are. I am sure someone will let me know in the comments.) All of these students did something pretty cool: walked away from Boise State with a degree! Whether it be political science (mine!) or biochemistry (I am sure someone did) it’s a pretty cool accomplishment in its own right.

Congratulations Boise State alumni!

Your Turn

Like I said, pretty light this week. Anything else though?