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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: WBB wins; MBB wins; Jay Ajayi 1,000 rush yards

SMU v Boise State Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images

Why do super villians never get cold?

They dress in lairs.

WBB win and Coach Gordy Presnell wins no. 600

Pretty fantastic honor for the WBB head man. What is interesting is that he’s “only” the 63rd coach on the women’s side to tally as many wins. Seems to be a pretty high number given the milestone. But all that aside, congratulations to Coach Presnell and his squad. They are 9-1 on the season and going to make another run after the Washington loss.

Learfield Sports Director’s Cup standings released

And, for now, the Broncos clock in at tied for 73rd. That is fourth in the Mountain West Conference behind no. 69 Colorado State, no. 53. UNLV, and no. 32 New Mexico. The only points Boise State got, so far, was from Men’s Cross Country. The Women’s Cross Country team kind of got hosed not getting entrance to nationals even though the team got seventh place NCAA West Regionals. Last year, the WCC made nationals.

Bronco wrestling finished seventh in Reno

The Broncos had three finish on the podium. Congratulations to Austin Dewey (second place), Demetrius Romero (fifth), and Fred Green (sixth).

Boise State MBB also won yesterday

Topping Idaho State Bengals to go 6-4 on the season. Boise State the best team in Idaho? I like to think so.

Jay Ajayi gets to 1,000 yards this season

I dig it.

Stanford Cardinal wins NCAA volleyball tournament

Normally I wouldn’t put these guys here (nor would I care). However, the Broncos fell to the Cardinal in the second round of the tournament. While I hate losing at least the loss happened to the eventual champion. So there is some consolation in that.

Boise State lacrosse has some good matches this season

And quite a few against top 25 opponents.

Should be interesting to see these guys in action.

Fox Sports picks the bowl games

OK. I can dig this selection.


Hey, you guys like Rubik’s Cubes? I know I do.