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Boise State Game Balls for week of December 4th

NCAA Basketball: Southern Methodist at Boise State Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Sorry I’m a day late (but hopefully not a dollar short) on this weeks edition of Game Balls. Life!

Game Ball One:

Brooke Pahukoa (basketball)

The Broncos did a good thing on December the fourth by weathering a fierce storm against the Washington State Cougars. The Broncos were lead by a 24 point outburst by Ms. Pakukoa to secure the win. The Broncos were down 20-12 to the Cougars, but then Boise State went on a 25-4 run to take control of the game. Washington State did manage to tie it up by the end of the fourth. But the Broncos eventually prevailed.

Congratulations to Ms. Pahukoa.

Game Ball Two:

Carson Kuhn (wrestling)

The Broncos secured the first dual win of Head Coach Mike Mendoza’s short tenure against Utah Valley University. The win was led by three Bronco pins: Fred Green, Harley DiLulo, and Mr. Kuhn. So choosing one is difficult, so I went with the Bronco that had the fastest pin. To which Kuhn took down his opponent in 1:51. To the fastest victor goes the spoils, and the Game Balls!

Congratulations Mr. Kuhn!

Game Ball Three:

Justinian Jessup (basketball)

(They still haven’t updated his profile picture for some reason.)

We can just tell Mr. Jessup is going to have a pretty good career at Boise State. As a true freshman he’s already made quite the impact for the Broncos.

Oh, and he can apparently dunk.

To go with his 13 points against Loyola Marymount the Broncos held on for the win.

Congratulations Mr. Jessup!

Your Turn

I am sure there were more. Let me know!