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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Boise State WBB drops one; Football gets a commit; Dallas Broncos

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NCAA Basketball: Presbyterian at Boise State Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

I had a really boring dream last night.

I slept through most of it.

Bronco WBB fell to University of Washington last night

It was definitely a tough out versus the no. 11 Huskies. Collegiate basketball lends itself to big disparities like this. If you are not recruiting at a top 25 level, it is really hard to crack that certain point to competing. The women’s side seems to exacerbate that gap. While the loss wasn’t all that surprising there were certainly good that came of it. The Broncos fall to 8-1 on the year. Still pretty decent.

ICYM: Broncos got two commits last night

Coach Bryan Harsin makes tracking the recruiting kind of easy.

And the recruiting weekend was, apparently, a smashing success because just a little bit later:

Drew put a write-up on one of the commits. Here is to hoping we find out who the other one is soon.

Using some deductive reasoning, we could possibly narrow done some suspects (Ricedorff hails from Arizona and Mesa Community College is also in Arizona). But not quite enough evidence, yet, to make anything conclusive. So as soon as we found out we will, for sure, put something up here.

Boise State players well-represented the Dallas Cowboys last night

And there was rejoicing.

I am not a Dallas Cowboys fan. But hearing Boise State three times was pretty awesome.

Brett Rypien makes a “watch list” for next year’s Heisman

Better to be talked about than not.


Computers thinking of things to say. Say hello to Cleverbot. Not sure how “clever” it is. But I am sure you can figure it out quickly.