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Boise State bounces back against a feisty Spartan squad 45-31

NCAA Football: San Jose State at Boise State Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

FINAL Boise State 45 - SJSU 31

While it wasn’t a pretty win per se, it was still a win. The offense executed much better, but the defense struggled against another mobile quarterback. It isn’t all on the defense as some credit must be given to Potter and the Spartans. They played well, extending plays when they needed to.

Things we learned

  1. Alexander Mattison is a BEAST. It’s nice knowing you have two backs that can pick up the tough yards. Part of me wishes we had preserved his red-shirt simply to have him an extra year. But the other part of me is glad as this is valuable playing time that he could potentially need if McNichols heads to the NFL. (I don’t think he does, but I also didn’t think Correa would.)
  2. There is something weird going on this season. I’d say it’s a combination of some player execution, OBVIOUSLY special teams/turnovers, and some play calling as I’ve heard quite a few complaints about that. We also have inconsistency issues. Some games the defense plays lights out, others not so much. Some games the offense gets in a rhythm (UNM) and others they have some problems (WYO).
  3. BSU CAN execute when they want to. The first drive of the second have was fantastic. 75 yards in 8 plays was just magic. Now if they could just do it consistently...
  4. The secondary is good, but still has work to do. They played well, but also got burnt on a couple of plays that seemed like the WR was WIDE open.
  5. McNichols is a special player. That isn’t really anything new to anyone, but I think it’s still work saying. Every. Game. 21 straight games with a TD.

First Quarter Recap

Second Quarter Recap

First Half Recap Boise State 24 - SJSU 16

Third Quarter Recap

Fourth Quarter Recap

Second Half Recap Boise State 45 - SJSU 31

QB Comparison

Boise State


WR Comparison

Boise State


RB Comparison

Boise State


Boise State Drive Recap

SJSU Drive Recap

Defensive Stats

Boise State


Next week, Boise travels to the islands to take on the Rainbow Warriors, who have had a bit of a bounce-back season. While they aren’t giant slayers per se, BSU cannot look past them, especially on the islands. Check in with us next week for your game coverage! GO BRONCOS!!

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