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San Jose State Anagram Roster

Just His Lemon!

NCAA Football: UNLV at San Jose State Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

An anagram is like a word jumble; you take the letters from a word or phrase and mix them up to see what other words or phrases you can come up with. Try it for yourself

  • San Jose State = A Sane Jet Toss
  • San Jose, California = A Aloof Ninja Crises
  • Ron Caragher = Organ Archer

Offensive starters for San Jose State

  • WR: Justin Holmes = Just His Lemon
  • WR: Tim Crawley = It Wry Camel
  • LT: Nate Velichko = A Violet Heck
  • LG: Jeremiah Kolone = I Hear Lemon Joke
  • C: Keoni Taylor = Ankle Riot Yo
  • RG: Chris Gonzalez = A Schnozzle Rig
  • RT: Evan Sarver = Raven Saver
  • TE: Billy Freeman = Fireman Belly
  • WR: Tre Hartley = Try Tar Heel
  • RB: Zamore Zigler = I Mr Zero Glaze
  • QB: Kenny Potter = Krypton Teen

Defensive starters for San Jose State

  • DE: Nick Oreglia = Calorie King
  • DT: Bryson Bridges = Snobbery Grids
  • DT: Owen Roberts = No To Brewers
  • DE: Isaiah Irving = Ah Sir I Via Gin
  • LB: Ethan Aguayo = A Hyaena Gout
  • LB: Christian Tago = Croatia Things
  • LB: Frank Ginda = Darn Faking
  • CB: Andre Chachere = Char Dance Here
  • SS: Trevon Bierria = Brainier Trove
  • FS: Maurice McKnight = Um Ceramic Knight
  • CB: Jermaine Kelly = Meanly Lie Jerk

Special Teams

  • P: Michael Carrizosa = Comical Hairs Raze
  • PK/K: Bryce Crawford = Crowded Cry Barf
  • HOLD: Josh Love = Love Josh (two came up, and this was one)
  • PR: Thai Cottrell = Chattier Toll
  • KR: Rahshead Johnson = Aha Josh Nerds Ho
  • SNAP: Mark Amann = Rank Ma Man