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Boise State Game Balls for week of November 20th

NCAA Football: Boise State at Air Force Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

This was the last week of the regular season for both volleyball and football. Basketball is really getting started. So who did some good?

Game Ball One:

Justinian Jessup (basketball)

Mr. Semi-anonymous does not have an updated picture on his Bronco Sports profile. No matter. He gets his kudos anyway. Mr. Jessup scored 20 points in the 82-56 route of Presbyterian. The true freshman is going to be a scoring force for the Broncos, which is awesome, and looks to take the City of Threes moniker and run with it (he hit 3-5 three pointers).

Congratulations Mr. Jessup!

Game Ball Two:

Brooke Pahukoa (basketball)

Ms. Pahukoa makes Head Coach Gordy Presnell’s (and more importantly my) job easier: she takes control of games, scores points, and finds a way to just win games. The Broncos had three games last week and TWICE the Broncos were down by double-digits. Not ideal. But the Broncos, helmed by Pahukoa found a way to beat Seattle University (who had a 16 point lead) and Charlotte (who once lead by 11 in the second quarter and again by 9 in the third). But Pahukoa did what she does best: win. And, right now, the Broncos are on a five game winning streak and already been put the wringer for it.

Ms. Pahukoa: congratulations!

Game Ball Three:

Maddy O’Donnell (volleyball)

The Senior Middle Blocker is leaving Boise State a champion. And with that, a whole lot of accolades (one of which is the prestigious OBNUG Game Ball). This particular Game Ball may be more of a career achievement since her specific stats last were a bit on the average side (for her standards). She is/was the only senior to move on to greener pastures after this run is over.

Good luck in the future Ms. O’Donnell and may you have many more successes.

Game Ball Four:

Cedrick Wilson (football)

Mr. Wilson was a big bright spot in the loss against Air Force. He also managed to creep over the 1,000 yards receiving on the year. Whenever he gets the ball, I just feel so much better. And I don’t doubt a whole lot of others feel the same way. Despite the outcome, Wilson was a huge impact and gave the Broncos a chance.

Congratulations Mr. Wilson!

Your Turn

Anyone else? Let me know.