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Predict the score: Boise State vs Air Force

UNLV v Boise State Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images

And the final regular season predict the score post is upon us. I hope you had a good Thanksgiving and are able to rouse yourself from the food to watch some football today. It’s been a pretty good year for Boise State, folks. Ten wins is nothing to sneeze at. Obviously the hope is to get a few more, but whatever happens the Broncos were a success this year despite some rocky portions.


  • Brett Rypien passing yards
  • Ben Weaver tackles
  • Sean Wale punts

What do I get if I win?

Smug satisfaction that you ended the regular season off right.

What about the UNLV predict the score?

Well let us see. The actual score was 42-25 Boise State. And there were quite the few of you who got the Boise State portion right. But not quite the UNLV part. But close enough. BroncoFever got 42-28 (but volunteered no tiebreakers); shovel also had a 42-28 guess and at least offered one tiebreaker attempt; _Yond chimed in with 42-26 (and guessed at the tiebreakers); and, finally, bluebyeu just as close as _Yond (but on the under side) with 42-24. Going with the first tiebreaker, Sperbeck receiving yards, the winner is bluebyeu who guess 99 yards receiving. _Yond guessed 130. Actual receiving yards was 47.

Congrats bluebyeu. You’re pretty cool!!

Your turn

Well? How about it? Take a guess!