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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Boise State basketball wins; AP & Coaches ranks; No Heisman hype?

UNLV v Boise State Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images

What do you call bears with no ears?


Boise State takes down Western Michigan

In basketball. Hutchison put together a 20-10 game to help lead the Broncos past... the Broncos. I’m kind of sad it has nothing to do with football but we can only hope.

Bronco women’s basketball wins as well

Boise State beat Seattle University for their third straight win. What a comeback performance as well considering the Broncos were down 16 at one point. They will be needing this confidence for later on in the season when they find themselves in a precarious position. Just glad to be on the right side of that win-loss.

Dan Hawkins gets back into coaching

He will be the offensive coordinator for FIU. Good for him. I wish him luck!

Demetrius Romero finishes with third place finishes

Redshirt Freshman Romero finished with another podium finish. The Broncos are going to be needing all the positive finishes throughout the season to help Coach Mike Mendoza’s transition to the helm.

Bronco football kind of hovering in rankings

Everything is in a holding patter, and kind of moot, until after next Saturday. The College Football Playoffs are the only rankings that matter (and they are not afraid of having Boise State jumping Western Michigan) but unless the Broncos get a touch of help from New Mexico, there is not much can be done with those events. But speculation is always fun, and you never know what is going to happen. On a positive note: having a double-digit win season is something to be proud of and wear with pride. Not every team can make that case this year.

ICYMI: You should really check out Drew’s photo gallery

Drew has such an eye for these and some of these shots are just excellent. A great way to send off the Bronco Seniors.

Jay Ajayi: still awesome

Yeah. He’s slowed down some (no way an NFL player is going to get 200+ yards a whole lot). But his ascension is helping the Miami Dolphins chug along with a five-game winning streak.

Oh, and this doesn’t hurt.

Every second carry is a first down? Yes please.

Keep up the work Mr. Ajayi and keep representing Boise State.

Jeremy McNichols just not getting any love right now

And it is kind of baffling.

With his numbers he should be in the Heisman Trophy conversation. We will find out pretty quick what his Doak odds are. As a pure homer: pretty good.


Reading an Australian website.