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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Boise State CFP Ranking; Soccer loses; Volleyball moves up

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BYU v Boise State Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images

I found out the hard way my microwave wasn’t waterproof.

I was shocked.

Boise State no. 24 in the CFP rankings

Being honest: not too shabby. The highest rated G5 team (which really is not saying too much right now) is Western Michigan at no. 23.

Also, a lot of things to talk about. According to ESPNs rankings Boise State is not sitting too far off from the golden ticket, despite the loss. Their strength of schedule is 71. Western Michigan 111. So it would not, necessarily, be a huge leap for Boise State to overtake WMU. There is a lot of cart before horse conjecture here. But something to think about. I am not the only one who thinks this.

And Texas A&M, for now, in the four slot just before the University of Washington. Even with their 7-1 record versus the UW perfect 8-0. Perhaps the strength of schedule (A&M 26 vs UW 69) could be what is holding them back. Interesting.

Mountain West getting better, or Boise State getting worse?

This is worth your click. Something that should also help frame our expectations, and what we want from, not only Boise State, but from the conference.

Boise State soccer drops first game of Mountain West Conference tournament

And thus their season is over.

Which is a bummer. They have a lot of pieces going forward so next year should be fun.

Boise State women’s basketball gets some top 25 votes

Two. But, hey, we all gotta start somewhere. This should be a good team to watch so if you have an opportunity to make a game, you should!

Volleyball continues to win, and move up the NCAA RPI

This bodes well for their NCAA hopes.

Hopefully they can get to the NCAA tournament and sneak a couple of wins in. The Learfield Sports Director’s Cup takes into account the post-season wins so it would be nice for the volleyball team to get some points for Boise State.


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