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Basketball GameThread: Boise State vs College of Charleston

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Were you aware that Boise State is competing in the 2016 Gildan Charleston Classic? Were you aware that the tournament starts today and the Broncos open against tournament host College of Charleston? Well, you can no longer answer the previous two questions with a "no" because I just told you. So, if you're getting here late...flip/click to ESPN3 now and watch our Broncos (1-0) face off agains the 2-0 Cougars...because what this year needs is more wins against teams with a Cougar mascot. If you don't have an ESPN log-in or failed to steal one from your friend, you can also listen to the game broadcast HERE or by tuning your radio dial to 670 KBOI. We'll try to drop some stats and other tidbits on you as the game reaches its conclusion. Like it or's basketball season.