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UNLV Anagram Roster

Zany Notches

Wyoming v UNLV Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

An anagram is like a word jumble; you take the letters from a word or phrase and mix them up to see what other words or phrases you can come up with. Try it for yourself

  • University of Las Vegas-Nevada = (The addition of University would have been too long.)
  • Las Vegas, Nevada = Savage Sand Vale
  • Tony Sanchez = Zany Notches

Offensive starters for

  • WR: Elijah Trosclair = Jilt Rail Roaches
  • WR: Jericho Flowers = Jeer Choir Wolfs
  • LT: Kyle Saxelid = Sky Lad Exile
  • LG: Michael Chevalier = Camelhair Vehicle
  • C: Will Kreitler = Well Err I Kilt
  • RG: Justin Polu = Joint Lupus
  • RT: Nathan Jacobson = Banjo Chats Anon
  • TE: Trevor Kanteman = Torn Karma Event
  • WR: Dalton Sneed = Landed Tones
  • RB: Lexington Thomas = Lamenting Sox Tho
  • QB: Kurt Palandech = Unlatched Park

Defensive starters for

  • DE: Iggy Porchia = Graphic Yogi
  • DT: Salanoa-Alo Wily = Alas Yo Nail Awol
  • NT: Mike Hughes = Shh I Um Geek
  • DE: Mark Finau = I Murk a Fan
  • SLB: Matt Lea = La Matte
  • MLB: Ryan McAleenan = En Manly Arcane
  • WLB: Tau Lotulelei = El Toilet Luau
  • CB: Darius Mouton = A Studio Mourn
  • SS: Troy Hawthorne = A Worthy Hornet
  • FS: Kenny Keys = Ken Yen Sky
  • CB: Torry McTyer = Try Merry Cot

Special Teams

  • P: Nicolai Bornand = Indoor Cannibal
  • PK/K: Evan Pantels = Leaven Pants
  • HOLD: Kurt Palandech = Cathedral Punk
  • PR: Christian Clapp = Rich Applicants
  • KR: Charles Williams = Caramel His Wills
  • SNAP: Trevor Kanteman = Renovate Mr Tank