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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Boise State is #20 in CFP; Golf signs athletes

NCAA Football: Boise State at Hawaii Marco Garcia-USA TODAY Sports

I have my grandmother on speed dial.

I call her Instagram.

Boise State officially jumps Western Michigan in CFP rankings

Which was probably an outcome that we all anticipated. (And one that I feel like I called in the comments the other day.) Course, it does not take a Nostradamus to figure that, as long as Boise State wins and wins the MWC, then they would get the nod in the NY6 Bowl despite the loss. And that would even account for WMU possibly going undefeated throughout. The CFP is valuing quality wins more than bad losses.

So, with the above being true, a Cotton Bowl berth is on the line

And there is puh-lenty of football to be played between now and then. Things could very well go Boise State’s way. Or, well, not. It’s still WAY too early for WMU fans to be salty about getting jumped. And for Boise State fans to book any hotels down in Texas.

A couple of new Broncos signed to the men’s golf team

Always good to see new people get set for their athletic careers. Fine choice, gentleman, fine choice!

AP article on the CFP rankings

The Louisville Problem? The Ohio State Problem? The only problem I have is the churro accessibility in Albertson’s Stadium. Seems to me that one of those could be pretty easily rectified.

Also, what’s up with this quote?

Hocutt pointed out that Western Michigan has only one victory against an FBS team with a winning record while Boise State has a victory against No. 22 Washington State.

While hanging Boise State’s hat on that Washington State win is pretty awesome, doesn’t anyone care that the Boise State also beat BYU? I mean, I am all for dismissing them in general, but they are 6-4 and going to the Poinsettia Bowl. That should account for something? Right? Or nah?


OK. I got way too involved in this Cookie Clicker Game. You should too.