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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Women’s basketball wins; Boise State in football rankings

Northwest v Boise State Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images

I cut my finger chopping cheese once.

But, being honest, I may have grater problems.

Broncos women’s basketball wins season opener

The Broncos began an optimistic campaign by dropping the Southern Oregon Raiders 89-45. Shaylen (Shay) Shaw missed out on an opening double-double with 17 points and nine rebounds. Safe to say: she is going to be getting stats this season. Lots of them. Keep an eye out for her as this season goes on. I know Game Balls will.

Broncos move up in the polls, ever so slightly

Jeeeeez. You would think losing a nail-biter, on the road, to a much-improved Wyoming team would not be such a stain on the resumé. But, alas, it is. The cool thing here is that San Diego State Aztecs are also ranked. There are a lot of things that need to happen for the Broncos to reach a certain promised land (I dare not specify the words here so as not to jinx it) but if things go the Broncos’ way, we may be smiling at the end of the season. Hopefully.

Also: man, the coaches and the AP just do NOT like that Washington loss to University of Southern California. Going from fourth to seventh? I understand that it was a thirteen point loss, but Washington actually had a decent opponent. Michigan lost to Iowa. Clemson lost to PITT! PITT!!! Mark Mays’ alma mater! Whatever. I do not really care cause it is not as if Boise State (even undefeated) had a legitimate shot at the College Football Playoff anyway. But just interesting to see the lack of respect for the Pac-12.

Speaking of “smiling at the end of the season”

Not going to comment on it. Just click. Just read.

Going to leave this here

Because I feel it is relevant.

While Boise State’s teams do not have an overall winning record (hat tip to Navy for what it’s worth) having the most number of wins cannot be overstated. The Broncos have been tested quite a bit more in their schedule, consistently, than the others. San Diego State, while they cannot help their schedule, did not have any help in the West Division.

I feel dirty saying this: Idaho is bowl eligible

One of the only reasons I bring this up is because there is a pretty decent chance they could end up in the Idaho Potato Bowl.

So that may be a thing for next month. Wonder if they would use the new, good locker rooms? THEY BETTER NOT.


Ok. So. Use this next one with a lot of caution: Ship Your Enemies Glitter. It’s pretty self-explanatory. If you want to see what one could look like, watch this YouTube clip. Note: beware of that clip. It does have some not safe for work language, so do not click if you cannot have the speakers on. Or, I guess, just make sure the speakers are turned off.